Trepador Competition M8060

Extreme Off Road Bias designed for competition

  • Heavy-duty bias ply construction for excellent durability and tread flexibility
  • Multi-curve tread siping improves traction on loose dirt and slippery terrain
  • Unique tread element arrangement ensures a uniform tread contact area for maximum road contact
  • Aggressive side lug design provides improved side-bite on difficult off-road and rocky terrain
  • Nylon belt-reinforced tire construction improves puncture resistance and durability
  • Due to the intended application, the Trepador Competition has no manufacturer's warranty

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Size Service Description Ply Rating Sidewall Overall Diameter (in) Section Width (in) Max PSI Max Load (lbs) Measuring Rim Width (in) Tread Depth (in)
37X12.50-17LT 124L 10 BSW 37.1 13.2 45 3525 10 23/32
40X13.50-17LT 123L 8 BSW 40.1 14.3 45 3415 11 23/32