Fowler Extends Overall Lead with Win at GNCC Round 5

Walker Fowler remained undefeated at the fifth round of GNCC Racing presented by Maxxis, CST Tires Camp Coker Bullet, held April 22 in Society Hills, South Carolina. 

Fowler was aggressive from the starting line as he grabbed the holeshot, with fellow Maxxis rider Josh Merritt and Westley Wolfe hot on his trail. Merritt and the legendary Chris Borich, along with three other riders, formed a pack of five following Fowler going into the third mile. As the race progressed, Brycen Neal moved into fourth place. When Borich stopped to refuel, Neal was able to move up to third place. 

Throughout all five laps and through two hours of blistering heat, Fowler held his lead, taking his fifth straight XC1 Pro win. “I knew this race would require a good start, and I ended up timing it perfect,” Fowler told GNCC Racing. “We pushed really hard on that fourth lap and got a gap built up, so I just kind of cruised that last lap. It about got me in trouble because I hit the motocross track and realized McGill wasn’t too far behind me. I put myself in a position to win, and I will take number five with a smile on my face.”Neal held his third-place spot through to the finish line, maintaining his second-place position in the overall points race. 

A Maxxis-sponsored rider also topped the podium in XC2 Pro Am, when Hunter Hart earned his second win of year. Like Fowler, he began the race by taking the holeshot. Hart is currently second in points for the season, and with 123, is just ten points shy of the lead. 

Maxxis’ Kyle Chaney took the XC1 Pro UTV win. Chaney also finished on the podium in the other race held for this class so far this season, and holds the points lead for XC1 Pro UTV. 

Traci Pickens also finished on the podium, taking second place in WXC. Pickens has landed on the podium in all five races, and is just one point behind the points leader for the class. 

Maxxis congratulates Walker Fowler, Hunter Hart and Kyle Chaney on their victories and thanks Brycen Neal, Josh Merritt, Chris Borich, Traci Pickens and all of its riders for their fine performances.

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