Maxxis Is Official Tire of ChumpCar World Series

Maxxis is proud to announce that it will sponsor the ChumpCar World Series. 

Geared to weekend enthusiasts as well as ambitious amateurs who dream of going pro someday, the series allows racing fans to get in on the action by competing themselves. A non-profit, ChumpCar stages races which are team-based endurance events, so that drivers face fewer budgetary obstacles than in other, profit-based series. The organization has held more than 200 events since its founding in 2009, with participation by more than 10,000 drivers. 

Also the Official Tire of the series, Maxxis is offering a generous contingency for the ChumpCar World Series. First-place drivers will win four free tires, second-place racers will win three free tires, and third, fourth and fifth-place drivers will win two free tires each. (Other terms and conditions apply.) 

“We’ve long supported grassroots racing across a range of sports, so Maxxis is delighted to sponsor this series, which allows average drivers to get the thrill of racing and wheel-to-wheel competition,” said Ritche Tay, a senior marketing coordinator with Maxxis. 

For more information about the ChumpCar World Series, please visit Maxxis looks forward to cheering on these enthusiastic amateurs as they race like the pros throughout 2017.   

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