Team Sparta Evolution/Bullet Performance rode Maxxis tires to an E1 class victory at the National Auto Sport Association’s 25 Hours of Thunderhill, giving the company its first-ever victory in the event. The race was held December 6-7 in Willows, California. 

In addition to winning their class, the Sparta Evolution crew also took fifth place overall in the race, covering 612 laps in 24:35:51.421 hours. Drivers Robert Green, Mickey Miller, Brett Strom and Ralph Warren were more than pleased with the performance of their Maxxis RC-1 tires, which had never before been used at the 25-hour event: "The Maxxis RC-1 was incredibly durable and consistent throughout the race. In fact, our fastest lap was in the middle of the night, when some of our tires had more than 250 laps on them," said Strom. Warren was equally impressed, noting that “Maxxis tires completed more laps than any other DOT tire.” 

Maxxis is proud to sponsor Team Sparta Evolution and congratulates them on this hard-won victory. 

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