Maxxis 4x4 Malaysia Wins 20th Rainforest Challenge

Team Maxxis 4x4 rode Trepador tires to victory at the 20th Rainforest Challenge 2016 Grand Finals, held November 27 – December 5 in Pahang, Malaysia. 

Competition was fierce again this year as drivers Chang Chiew Shen and Edward Benggon raced against teams from Russia, Vietnam, Thailand, India, China, the Czech Republic and Brazil, and from the states of Johor, Terengganu, Pahang and Perak in Malaysia. Team Maxxis 4x4’s M9060 Trepador tires held up under brutal conditions as Chang and Benggon battled through 24 special stages for the win. 

Those stages offered challenges such as a near-vertical wall climb, 30-foot descents and mud pools with a depth of four feet; river crossings replete with boulders and fast-moving streams; and obstacles which required technical winching to clear. A special stage dubbed “The Twilight Zone” involved 30 hours of racing through harsh jungle conditions. Despite an at times neck-and-neck battle with another team, Maxxis 4x4 took the win after racking up the largest combined total of points from each stage. 

Maxxis congratulates Team Maxxis 4x4 on this hard-won victory and thanks them for proving again that Trepador tires can handle any challenge.

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