Maxxis’ Razr XT: A New Dawn in Desert Performance

Just in time for the start of a new year and a new season, Maxxis is introducing its new Razr XT SxS tire. The Razr XT represents the dawn of a new era for Maxxis when it comes to desert performance.

Razr XT Logo and Tagline

Designed to deliver desert racers to the top of the podium with excellent cornering performance and confidence-inspiring traction, the Razr XT is ready to compete for wins in top desert racing events including the Maxxis Tires Vegas to Reno. The XT carcass construction features two high-density steel belts that enhance handling and steering performance, while the tread block design and arrangement are optimized to both provide traction in a variety of terrains and deliver confident steering ability. Finally, a new tread compound provides increased tear resistance and even more traction.


The Razr XT is available now on the Maxxis eStore and will be available (in expanded size offerings) from all Maxxis dealers by early spring.


? Adam Campbell/ACP