Our Goals

Aim #1: Growth in R&D

Technology is central to the production of high-quality tires. To continue to meet expectations, Maxxis is therefore investing more and more in R&D. Maxxis currently has five research centers in Taiwan, China, the United States and the Netherlands. Hundreds of chemists and engineers work in these centers and use state-of-the-art equipment for tire and compound development. Our talented engineers use the best facilities and technology to support the deployment of Maxxis teams worldwide.

At Maxxis, extensive testing of rubber compounds is also part of the R&D. These compounds are continuously refined to meet the specific requirements of the aftermarket and OE markets.

To further improve tire performance, Maxxis has invested in its own test center in China. This test track, one of the few privately owned in China, offers the opportunity to strengthen relations with major car manufacturers. But our testing goes further. Drivers sponsored by us test our tires; their experiences can be found in our end products.