Those little problems did not spoil the fun, however. “A cool stage”, said Tom, “with a bit of dunes – about 20 kilometers – and many fast trails, between the mountains and over cliffs, where Tim could indulge himself with a little drifting.” “What a beautiful test and what a beautiful landscape”, Tim said. “There were some left navigation things in it, but Tom was scoffed at navigating. I am very happy with that. ”

In any case, making no navigational errors gave the twins some time savings, which they could use well. Tim had to take off the gas twice to give The Beast a little rest on the fast trails. “The oil temperature got too high,” said Tom. After the finish, Tim and Tom noticed a small oil leak under the car.
Another problem was that the tire pressure system on the left rear did not work properly. As a result, Tom always had to manually pump air into the tire. Incorrect tire pressure probably also caused the tire to puncture in the dunes at the rear left. “We had to change it and then we immediately removed the hose from the exhaust system,” said Tom.

After the trial, there was still a road connection of more than 250 kilometers to the Saudi capital Riyadh. The fifth stage will start there tomorrow, which promises to be a lot slower and a lot more difficult, with a combination of difficult dunes and sharp stones.

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