In the first stage of the Dakar 2021 it was immediately hit. Everywhere Tim and Tom Coronel saw cars with damage, punctures and other misery. The brothers themselves strummed quietly through. No mistakes, no situations, and The Beast did not budge in the cunning stage from Jeddah to Bisha.

By simply driving slowly and staying out of trouble, Tim and Tom arrived at the finish of the 277 km long stage with the 39th time, 45 minutes behind stage winner Carlos Sainz. That could have been a little better, but also much worse. “I got out of the car twice to film,” said Tom. “For example, we stood with Erik van Loon, who had sustained a lot of damage by hitting a stone.”

The misery of others was a warning to Messrs Coronel.

“We had to get in there for a while, but that was perhaps fortunately too,” said Tim. “Many cars were in trouble. With that knowledge, for example, we didn’t try to overtake a few cars in front of us, although they held us up a bit. We took it fairly easy and only at the end did I kick The Beast. ”

They dared to take that risk, according to Tom.

“The temperatures remained good, we didn’t have a flat tire, we didn’t drive the wrong way, nothing. Then the pace can be increased a bit, with the harbor in sight. Such a first day gives confidence. We are ready to attack. We just crawl forward, pay attention. ”

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