HP5 scores well in GTÜ tire test

The Maxxis Premitra HP5 came out well in a recently published summer tire test by the German Gesellschaft für Technische Überwachung (GTÜ). It concerns the size 235 / 45R18. The GTÜ has tested the tire on various components. A total of 11 different tires were tested.

“The cheapest tire in this test shows that it can be cheaper and is still safe: the Premitra HP5 from the Taiwanese manufacturer Maxxis. A set of these tires costs only 362 euros, but overall the tire still scores well, especially on dry road surface During a braking test at a speed of 100 km / h, the test car came to a stop within 34.25 meters, taking the tire third in this category, Pirelli only (33.58 meters) and Continental (33 , 90 meters) are even better, “said the GTÜ.

View here the full summer tire test.