High Roller II

    High Roller II

    • Mud
    • Race
    • Speed
    • Versatility

    The High Roller II bicycle tyre is designed to offer performance and reliability in loose conditions, offering a predictable drift in corners.

    • Various compound options available
    • Various puncture protection options available
    • A lightweight, high-speed trail, enduro and downhill tyre
    • Tubeless ready
    • Trail-oriented version of the High Roller
    • Long-lasting, reliable trail tyre
    • Excellent tyre test results

    Recommended installation: Front or Rear


    Tyre Size

    Performance Ratings

    Mud Grip

    Cornering Ability

    Rolling Resistance


    Puncture Resistance

    Who rides the Maxxis High Roller II?

    Madison Saracen
    An impressive team led by Danny Hart, multi-World Cup-winner, Madison Saracen choose the High Roller II for the majority of their competitions and training.

    High Roller II Tyre Test Results

    Look to tyre tests for professional opinions on our tyres.

    Mountain Bike Rider
    “Maxxis’ reputation is built on fantastic rubber and tread patterns, and the Maxxis High Roller II 3C MaxxTerra tyre is no exception.

    Maxxis has offered a High Roller for what feels like forever, and this second-generation model beefs up and tweaks the tread for more versatility. Slightly better in wet, looser dirt than the popular Minion DHF, it’s great on both ends, although choosing the 3C compound on the front provides way better confidence and edge grip on wet roots and rocks.

    The EXO model balances weight and durability well for aggressive trail riding, and is noticeably lighter than most thicker, 1kg or so, dual layer tyres with this much grip. Maxxis offers its own tougher, even better damped, 2x120tpi Double Down casing for extremely rocky terrain or enduro racing too, which is around 200g heavier. With both models, deformation and compliance is excellent with good comfort.” – Mick Kirkman, MBR.co.uk, October 2017

    Singletrack World
    The Maxxis High Roller II was the proud winner of the Best All Rounder Tyre award.

    There’s a reason why these tyres are so prevalent, and that’s because they offer a near perfect balance of traction, cornering confidence and flexibility. They’ll do a near enough brilliant job of keeping you upright in all but the worst conditions, and with the extensive Maxxis range there’s guaranteed to be a casing and compound to suit your local trails.” – James Vincent, SingletrackWorld.com, 2018

    Bike Radar
    “Running High Rollers has always been a sign that you’re a rider who wants to rip as much grip out of the trail as possible. This bells and whistles triple-compound version is a proper control- and confidence-booster if you can afford it.” – Guy Kesteven, BikeRadar.com, April 2016

    Pink Bike
    We loved the improved predictability during cornering and were impressed by how well the tire performed in the sloppiest of conditions. The new High Roller II is a step away from a comprehensive dry tire, and a step towards a true all-conditions option that can be used in more settings. It slots in between the Minion, a dry tire, and the Wet Scream. The original High Roller was, and still is, a great tire… I’d still use the first generation High Roller, but the new version is an improvement in nearly every regard.” – Adam Mantle, PinkBike.com, August 2011

    High Roller II Tyre: User Reviews

    Sometimes the best reviews come from trail riders just like you.

    Rider, ChainReactionCycles.com, November 2019:
    “Best fast-rolling tyre. Very good grip no matter what the weather, best Maxxis I have used.”

    Rider, ChainReactionCycles.com, November 2019:
    “Great all-round tyre, good grip, long-lasting, seriously good quality.”

    Rider, ChainReactionCycles.com, September 2019:
    “Very happy with this tyre, bought on offer for £18 but would pay full price; it’s grippy wet or dry, deals with wet rocks and loa well, seems to roll well, I haven’t punctured, tubeless easy even though mine isn’t tubeless ready on WTB i23. Only downside I have found is the tread is wearing fast but for a soft grippy tyre it’s expected. If these are on offer definitely give them a try…” 

    Rider, ChainReactionCycles.com, August 2019:
    “I have been using High Rollers for years and love the grip and all-round performance in UK conditions. The original High Roller was a weighty beast at over 1kg each but the newer High Roller 2 has a significant weight saving.” 

    Rider, ChainReactionCycles.com, May 2019:
    “I’m using this on the front of my trail bike paired with an Aggressor on the rear. Previously had a Nobby Nic on the front. So far so good. Good grip, and rolling resistance when climbing is better than I expected. Tyre aired up tubeless ok and after 48 hours was quite soft but after a couple of rides it seems to be much better.”

     Rider, ChainReactionCycles.com, April 2019:
    “A great tyre with good rolling resistance. Very grippy indeed. Bike Park Wales in the wet then the Brecon Beacons in snowy conditions – didn’t wash out once.” 



    3C MaxxGrip

    3C MaxxGrip uses the softest rubber compounds to offer the ultimate in grip and slow rebound properties for unparalleled traction in downhill applications.


    3C MaxxTerra

    An intermediate compound configuration used in select mountain tires. 3C MaxxTerra is softer and offers more traction than 3C MaxxSpeed, yet provides better treadwear and less rolling resistance than MaxxGrip.


    Double Down (DD)

    DoubleDown (DD) is the next step in the evolution of the dual-ply tire casing for enduro racing. Two 120 TPI casing layers reinforced with a butyl insert provide the enduro racer with the support and protection of a downhill tire, but in a lighter package.



    An extremely cut-resistant and abrasion-resistant material added to the sidewalls of select mountain tires. This densely woven fabric is also lightweight and highly flexible, ensuring that the performance of the tire remains unaffected. Choose EXO Protection for exceptionally rocky, treacherous trails where the chance of sidewall cuts and abrasions is high.


    Tubeless Ready

    Tubeless downhill set-ups are a great way to shave some weight and spend more time in the bike park or shuttling hot laps on your local runs. Sealant-compatible rubber is used with the familiar Maxxis dual-ply 60 TPI downhill construction and butyl insert for support and rim protection in order to offer the benefits of increased grip and reliability. A Tubeless Ready bead securely locks to the rim and the foldable bead provides additional weight savings.

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