Trepador Competition

    Trepador Competition

    • Mud
    • Sand

    The legendary Trepador Competition delivers good performance in the toughest conditions.

    • The staggered shoulder pattern offers better control even on difficult off-road and rocky terrain;
    • Nylon-reinforced tire construction reduces the risk of punctures and extends the life of the profile;
    • Off-road tire with extremely good qualities;
    • Unique tread ensures an even tread contact for rock-solid road holding.

    Based on the Trepador Bias, the legendary Trepador Competition uses the same construction and profile, but features a tacky tread compound for ultimate off-road traction. Due to the nature of the rubber compound, this tire is not recommended for use in winter conditions.

    You can purchase this tire from your local dealer. Use the Maxxis Dealer Locator to find your nearest Maxxis dealer or go to your own garage and ask about the Trepador Competition.


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    Chosen by Team Coronel in the Dakar Rally

    Tim and Tom Coronel use a special version of the 100% Dakar-proof Trepador on The Beast

    Tim and Tom Coronel have worked with Maxxis for many years to develop a tyre which is 100% Dakar-proof and provides the hardiness and reliability the brothers need.

    This tyre has been specially developed to cope with the extreme circumstances of the Dakar rally, and is a respected tyre for many 4×4 competition drivers.

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