I want to purchase Maxxis ATV tires. Can I get them directly from you?


Maxxis does not sell ATV tires directly to consumers. Your local ATV dealer is your best resource for Maxxis tires and can help you find the best Maxxis product to fit your particular application. If you are having a hard time finding a dealer, please fill out the contact form here - http://www.maxxis.com/contact-us - so that we can assist you.

My ATV came with Maxxis tires as original equipment. How do I find replacement tires?


You should purchase replacements for your original equipment ATV tires from a local powersports dealer who sells your ATV’s brand. Please reference the ATV OE Fitment guide at the link below for all model and size information.

How do I read the size of my ATV tires?


Most ATV tires are sized using the following format: AT20x11-9. On tires with radial construction, the hyphen is replaced by the letter “R”. The first number represents the overall diameter (O.D.); the second represents the section width (S.W.); and the third represents the rim diameter. All measurements are in inches.

Some tires, mostly those designed with higher load ratings for UTVs/Side by Sides, will be sized using the NHS format: 26x11.00R14 NHS. The first number is still the overall diameter, the second is the section width and the third is the rim diameter.

(Note that these numbers are approximations, and individual tire sizes may vary. For example, a AT25x10R12 Maxxis Bighorn has the following specifications: O.D. = 25.4", S.W. = 9.8", and the rim diameter is 12".)

I am ready to replace my current tires with new Maxxis ATV tires. Can I use larger or smaller tires?


Clearance around tires must be maintained. Check with the ATV manufacturer before attempting to mount tire sizes which differ from those suggested in the owner’s manual. Altering the tire size may require a different rim size. For this reason, we suggest you consult your dealer to be sure the rim size is compatible before making any changes to the tire size on your vehicle. Be sure adequate clearance is maintained at all times.

How do I determine the ply rating of my ATV tires?


Some ATV tires explicitly state the ply rating on the sidewall. If the sidewall of the ATV tire does not list a ply rating, you will instead find star symbols on the sidewall. Each star equals a 2-ply rating. For example: One star on the sidewall of a tire means the tire is 2-ply rated. Two stars on the sidewall means the tire is 4-ply rated. Three stars indicate a 6-ply rating.

What is ply rating, and can I install tires with a higher or lower rating than the tires that came on my ATV?


Ply rating indicates the overall load capability of a tire. If you are carrying a heavy load, you may choose a tire with a higher ply rating. However, always consult with your vehicle’s manufacturer or your local dealer to confirm that a tire with a higher or lower ply rating is compatible with your machine, and never exceed the maximum load listed in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

What air pressure should I run in my ATV tires?


We always suggest running the air pressure recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Please reference your vehicle’s owner’s manual or contact your local ATV dealer for further air pressure information. For safety reasons, you should never exceed the maximum inflation pressure indicated on your tire’s sidewall.

The air pressure inside the tire is critical to its handling characteristics and load capability. Check cold tire pressure with an accurate tire pressure gauge before every ride. Tire pressure should not be adjusted immediately after a tire has been in use.

My tires went flat. What should I do?


There are a few items you should check if you experience air loss in your ATV tire. First, check for punctures, cracks or impact damage to the sidewall and tread region of the tire. Punctured, cracked, bulging or blistered tires should be replaced immediately. If not replaced, damage can result, including sudden and complete tire failure.

Second, check your valve stem and valve core for leakage. Tighten for correct seating. If valve cores are damaged, replace them. A damaged or aged valve stem and a loose valve core can result in air loss.

If you find that your tire or valve stem is damaged, please contact your local powersports dealer to have a mechanic inspect, repair or replace the damaged tire.

Do not ride your ATV on damaged or underinflated tires. Catastrophic tire failure may occur.

What type of maintenance should I perform on my vehicle’s tires? And how can I make them last as long as possible?


The most important maintenance function you can perform on your ATV tires is a frequent check of tire pressure. Underinflated tires will result in a variety of problems, including premature or uneven wear, poor handling, fatigue or sidewall cracking. It is also a good idea to routinely make visual inspections of your tires. Be sure to check for foreign objects located in the tread surface or sidewall.

Do not ride your ATV on damaged or underinflated tires. Catastrophic tire failure may occur.

Avoiding fast starts and panic stops will also help increase the longevity of your tires.

Are there any additional instructions for my new tires?


Tire mounting and dismounting should be handled by professionals. Improper mounting or incorrectly mounted tires can lead to damage to the tire, wheel and/or vehicle and injury or death.

Take care while becoming familiar with the new handling characteristics of your tires. While braking, accelerating and cornering, special care should be taken until you have become accustomed to the performance of your new tires.

What is the difference between the Bighorn and the Bighorn 2.0?


Cosmetically, the Bighorn and Bighorn 2.0 are very similar, although the Bighorn 2.0 is all black on both sidewalls, while the Bighorn boasts raised white lettering on one side. The tread bars on the Bighorn 2.0 are slightly shallower and narrower than the Bighorn’s, a factor in the Bighorn 2.0’s lighter weight. On average, the Bighorn 2.0 is approximately one to three pounds lighter (depending on the size) compared to the original Bighorn. Both tires feature radial construction and are 6-ply rated.

Can I be sponsored by Maxxis?


To request sponsorship for the coming year, you must submit your resume between September 1 and November 1 of the current year. To find our sponsorship application online, visit the “ATV Racing and Sponsorship” section of our website between September and November and click on the “Get Sponsored” tab.

Once your application has been received and reviewed, a Maxxis team member will contact you to let you know if you have been accepted.

Does Maxxis offer any warranty for its ATV tires?


Maxxis produces high-quality ATV tires, and warrants to the original retail purchaser with proof of purchase documentation that the tire will be free from defect in material and workmanship. Details of the policy along with the claims procedure can be found here: http://www.maxxis.com/sponsorship/motorcycle/motorcycleatv-warranty

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