In a tyre test of 15 different tyres, carried out by German car club ADAD, Maxxi's new Premitra Snow WP6 rated 'highly recommended'.

Tyres in the 205/55 R16 dimension were tested under a variety of conditions including wet and dry driving, snow and ice traction, comfort, fuel consumption and noise level.

Maxxis Premitra Snow WP6 was superior in dry performance and scored highest in this area and was considered the most comfortable tire in the test. The tire also showed an impressive level of grip on ice.

In total, the new winter tyre from Maxxis received only 8% less points than the overall winner and finished in a proud position in the top five tyres.

“Well-balanced tire. Good on both dry and wet road conditions. Good on snow and ice. Top note for sound level. ” – ADAC Winter Tyre Test 2020 [translated]

Premitra Snow WP6 is the latest winter tire from Maxxis, developed for European winters, with 3PMS marking for approved year-round use in all countries.

Of the 5 tires that achieved ‘Highly Recommended’ status, the Maxxis tire is the most affordable, costing almost 40% less than the average price of premium competitors’ tires.

This tire is available a large selection of sizes from 175/65 R14 to 245/45 R18, and is ideal for cars from Audi A1 to Volvo V90 and many vehicles in between.