Motorcycle Tyre Load and Speed Markings

    Load and Speed Markings

    Radial, bias-belted, and diagonal cross-ply tyres have markings to indicate their load and speed capabilities.

    It is important that tyres are suitable for the maximum speed capability of the motorcycle. In some overseas countries, this is a legal requirement.

    Tyre speeds are shown in accordance with an alphabetical list of symbols indicating speeds at 10 km/h increments.

    The relevant speed symbol is positioned near the size designation in conjunction with a load index: e.g. 120/90-18 65S, where ‘65’ is the load index and ‘S’ the speed symbol. In the case of speed symbols ‘V’ and ‘ZR’, these are shown within the size designation, e.g. 120/90-V18. The size designation for ‘V’ and ‘ZR’ normally omits the load index. Details of speed symbols and load indices are shown in tables 1 and 2.

    Table 1: Tyre Speed Markings


    Table 2: Tyre Loading Indices and Relating Maximum Loads


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