Canyon DHB, Champions of OVO Evergy Tour Series 2018

Canyon DHB Win the Tour Series 2018 on Maxxis Tyres

Exciting news from Canyon DHB these past few days! OVO Energy Tour Series 2018 came to an end Thursday, 31st May, with a glorious win for both Maxxis and Canyon DHB, who scored an overall of 80 points, only 2 points ahead of rivals Madison Genesis.

Maxxis stepped on the podium once again after Canyon DHB being crowned OVO Evergy Tour Series champions on the 10th edition of the series. Equipped with the Maxxis Padrone Tubeless-Ready tyres, it’s safe to say that the tubeless tyre technology played a crucial part in the winning combination.

The historic city of Salisbury saw a tight race last night from start to finish throughout the 1.2km of the circuit. Crowds gathered all-around to support their favourite teams as the cyclists pushed forward through the Grand Final of the series.

Summarising the overall performance of the team, Canyon DHB bagged a total of 3 titles, also winning the Team Time Trial and taking the lead of the series in the 6th round at Stevenage on 28th May.

Maxxis Padrone TR, the winning road cycle tyre technology

It was a strenuous battle throughout all 8 rounds of the championship, but the tubeless technology of the Padrone TR tyres ensured flawless, brilliant road adherence. The tyre features our lightest 170 (ONE70) TPI casing which, in combination with the cushioned carbon fibre bead and silkworm shield, offers exceptional puncture and tear resistance.

Crowds were touched as just minutes before the start of the race, Chris Opie, 30, announced his retirement from professional cycling. The Maxxis team salute Chris for all his drive and efforts during competitions and wish him best of luck with all his future projects.

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