HP5 tyre launch

<p>Maxxis International has enhanced its passenger tyre portfolio with the launch of the Premitra HP5 tyre. The latest addition will not only give motorists more options, the HP5 adds a new dimension to Maxxis’ already impressive and very diverse product offering.</p>
<p>The Premitra HP5 delivers outstanding performance in wet and dry weather conditions due to its world leading technology and design. Its full-silica rubber compound has been developed to Lower  heat generation, as well as improve wear performance and durability. The multiple variable pitch tread and lateral groove design has been developed to reduce vibration noise, lower rolling resistance and enhance wet handling to minimise the chances of hydroplaning. High-speed stability and handling has been improved due to high strength steel belts, guaranteeing an outstanding sport performance.</p>
<p>The launch of the HP5 tyre marks an important milestone for Maxxis as  managing director, Derek McMartin confirms: “Due to substantial advances in our manufacturing processes and the high demands from passenger car drivers, the introduction of the Premitra HP5 tyre has seen Maxxis take a huge step forward in ensuring it maintains its reputation for having one of the widest ranges on the market.</p>
<p>“We are continuously trying to make sure that we meet the demands of the passenger car tyre market, and are committed to providing excellence across our brand. By becoming more focused on the key products in our range, we can concentrate our attention on making sure that we provide our customers with a reliable supply and range of top quality tyres.”</p>
<p>To find out more about Maxxis’ range of high performance tyres visit, <a href=”/”>http://www.maxxis.co.uk/</a></p>