Maxxis Tyre Test Results 2020

The latest Maxxis range of summer, all-season and winter tyres have delivered impressive results in some of the major tyre tests of 2020.

Winter Tyre Tests
The brand-new Premitra Snow WP6 most recently excelled in the 2020 ADAC Winter Tyre Test, where it was rated ‘Highly Recommended’, with supporting comments indicating it is a “very balanced tyre, top grade on dry roads, top marks for noise, good on snow and ice…”. 

The 2020 Auto Bild Winter Tyre Test confirmed this, showing that the Premitra Snow WP6 performed particularly well in snow braking, snow slalom, wet cornering, wet braking and aquaplaning resistance.

The Premitra Snow WP6 is the latest winter tyre from Maxxis. Offering a full-silica compound which excels in winter climates, this affordable tyre has been proven in tyre tests as a safe addition to many vehicles this winter.

All-Season Tyre Test
The also-new Premitra All-Season AP3 was tested in the 2020 SportAuto All-Season Tyre Test, achieving the best results for aquaplaning both along and across, the best result for subjective wet handling and for dry braking, and proving itself as one of the quietest all-season tyres on the test.

Achieving an impressive 4th place with premium tyres taking the places above, the Premitra All-Season AP3 is the perfect, affordable solution for drivers looking to get from A to B, all-year-round, whatever the weather.

Summer Tyre Tests
Maxxis’ high-performance summer tyre, the Premitra 5, has achieved particularly impressive results in the summer tyre tests of 2020. Winning the 2020 ACE Mid-Range tyre test thanks to an incredible performance in all areas, as well as being the most affordable mid-range tyre within the test, the Premitra 5 is turning heads.

Pitched against the premiums in the 2020 Auto Zeitung Summer Tyre Test, the Premitra 5 achieved 4th place, again nestled in with the premium competitors such as Continental, Bridgestone and Michelin, outperforming every other tyre in the test in dry safety and handling. Likewise, in the 2020 ADAC SUV Summer Tyre Test, this impressive tyre tied with the Pirelli Cinturato P7 for joint-third place.

In the 2020 Tyre Reviews Ultimate Summer Tyre Test, the Premitra 5 was the only tyre in the test to achieve the best score in three elements of the test, after demonstrating top performance in subjective dry handling, subjective wet handling and quantitative wet handling, also achieving 2nd place for resistance to aquaplaning. This tyre, available in over 60 sizes, is the perfect choice for many drivers.

Ultra-High-Performance Summer Tyre Tests
The Victra Sport 5 is the ultra-high-performance summer tyre from Maxxis; designed to offer the very best in grip for the most enthusiastic drivers.

Like the Premitra 5, the Victra Sport 5 has continued to prove itself against premium competitors in test after test. In the 2020 ADAC Summer Tyre Test, this tyre tied with the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 for joint-third place, with the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 and Continental PremiumContact 6 tying for the first-place position with just a 2% lead. Likewise, in the 2020 AMS 18” Summer Tyre Test, the Victra Sport 5 achieved 5th place after the premium competitor tyres from Goodyear, Michelin, Continental and Pirelli and featuring the lowest price on the test. 

In the Finnish magazine, TM Vertailu Kesärenkaat, the 2020 Summer Tyre Test demonstrated incredible performance from the Victra Sport 5 in wet and dry handling and straight-line aquaplaning resistance. The 2020 Auto Bild Summer Tyre Test recorded the fourth-best results of all 20 tyres in wet and dry handling against the Victra Sport 5, and the same test repeated for the benefit of SUV drivers proved that the Victra Sport 5 SUV tyre has the best mud traction of any other summer SUV tyre on the test, as well as having the third-lowest price and scoring second-best in resistance to aquaplaning.

Tyres to rival the premium alternatives
Maxxis car tyres are continuing to prove themselves even when compared to the market-leading premium tyres. Maintaining their low prices, Maxxis tyres remain an excellent choice for dealers and drivers worldwide.

Whether you are looking for a summer tyre, an all-season tyre or a winter tyre, the intelligently-designed Maxxis range offers the very best performance at an affordable price.