Mercedes Gives Maxxis Sprinters Orders

Maxxis has revealed that its tyres will now come as original equipment on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans. The homologation covers both the 5.0T and 3.88T variants of the vehicles, which will be fitted with Maxxis MCV3 tyres.

The latest generation of commercial vehicle tyres from Maxxis, the MCV3 range, has been available for a little over a year now and have proven to be very popular. Features such as wider main grooves and an increased number of sipes means that drivers benefit not only from superior handling at high-speed, but also the tyres’ capability to maintain good levels of grip in the rain, snow and mud when needed. Innovative shoulder technology also prevents uneven wear and delivers a quiet ride, yet despite all of these performance advantages, there’s still good news for the people holding the purse strings as the MCV3 still comes with a pleasing price tag and fantastic durability to keep purchases to a minimum.

Although not unexpected, further homologation on prestige marques such as Mercedes is expected to help Maxxis enhance its reputation in the European tyre market, as Maxxis International MD Derek McMartin explains: “Maxxis is a top ten tyre manufacturer worldwide, offering motorists high performance products at affordable prices, and dealers the opportunity to make good margin on them. But we’re still relatively young in the UK and we have some work to do to make sure the public and the trade fully understands the benefits of buying and selling our tyres. You don’t get many marques that can compete with Mercedes in terms of performance, quality and reliability, and they certainly would be choosing Maxxis to go on their flagship vans if they weren’t 100% sure our tyres could deliver to their very high standards.”

The Maxxis MCV3 range, along with the manufacturer’s other ranges, are available through Stapleton’s Tyre Services in the UK.