MXGP 2020

Round 18 – MXGP of Garda – Trentino
The MXGP 2020 ended and an incredibly high note with 1st, 2nd and 3rd places for Maxxis riders in the EMX2T, and a further 3 top ten finishes across all championships. 

The EMX2T recorded the second double victory of a great Nicholas Lapucci who had no opponents able to curb his clear superiority, just like in the previous race.

Maxxis finished with a total of four positions in the top ten of the EMX2T championship, two of which in the podium: 2nd place for Tuani, the 3rd for Tinkler, the 5th for Barbaglia and the 7th for Tamai. This was the best championship result compared to other competitors.

Bogers conquered 9th place overall, which allowed him to close the 2020 season 10th in the MXGP.

In MX2, the Maxxis rider Ruben Fernandez closed the championship in 9th place.

“It was a really satisfying season” as Sjoerd Fokkens, Maxxis product manager, explained “We achieved excellent results in all the classes where we were present and the Maxxis tyres supported very well our riders on all types of terrain. We have also drawn extra valuable information that will allow us to further fine-tune our tyres and will help in the development of new products”.

Round 17 – MXGP of Pietramurata
Nicholas Lapucci debuted in the EMX2T with the factory Fantic Motor 250 equipped with front and rear Maxxcross MX-ST and kept the same script in both heats with a perfect start, followed by a very fast race pace that brought him to the finish line with a remarkable detachment on his opponents.

An undisputed victory that Lapucci obtained by showing very gritty riding thanks to which he prevailed on the British Brad Anderson, who became European champion at the end of the day, and on the Maxxis rider of the Husqvarna Maddii Racing Federico Tuani who, thanks to the 3rd place overall, became 2nd in the championship standings.

Also in the top ten was Maxxis riders Kade Tinkler and Mario Tamai, who finished in 5th and 9th place respectively.

Brian Bogers finished in 7th place, after a mid-group start, and then to the 6th one after gaining a position in the first laps and having perfectly controlled the race until the finish line. Two results that allowed him to close the penultimate GP 7th overall and to add points to his 10th position which he maintains in the world championship standings.

The GP of Pietramurata also recorded the positive performance of Michele Cervellin, who closed 12th and 13th after a good recovery, guaranteeing himself the 12th place overall.

Round 16 – MXGP of Trentino
After a series of top ten finishes, Brian Bogers conquered two important positions in the championship standings of the MXGP. Bogers was the protagonist of a consistent comeback that led him to close the first heat 12th.

In the second heat the Marchetti Racing rider started from the middle of the group and once again made a good comeback, finishing in 9th place, thus closing the day 11th overall, the same position he maintains also in the World Championship standings.

Michele Cervellin, at the start with the front and rear Maxxcross MX-ST tyres too, also performed well finishing 14th thanks to an 11th and a 15th place in the heats.

The MX2 saw the Spanish Ruben Fernandez win an appreciable 10th place overall, whilst Kevin Horgmo finished 13th overall.

Round 15 – MXGP of Lommel
The ninth and final race of the 125 Motocross European Championship, held on the difficult sand track of the Belgian circuit of Lommel, ended with Andrea Bonacorsi and the Maxxis Maxxcross tyres champions of the season. 

The first heat was enough for the Fantic Motor factory rider to secure the title thanks to seven heats won and two second places previously obtained which allowed him to reach the final appointment with a 38-point advantage over the Spanish David Braceras.

A success that once again underlined the performance of the Maxxis Maxxcross tyres, which became EMX125 champions for the second consecutive year after the title won in 2019 with Mattia Guadagnini.

Round 14 – MXGP of Limburg
The tenth and final stage of the 250 Motocross European Championship, held on the sandy track of the Belgian circuit of Lommel, ended with Mattia Guadagnini and Maxxis Maxxcross tyres as vice-champions with a second-place podium position!

Despite his 9 heats won against the 8 of the champion Thibault Benistant, in the Grand Prix of Limburg, which hosted the decisive test, the Husqvarna Maddii Racing rider was unable to close the gap of 26 points.

The penultimate GP of the EMX125 championship saw the leader Andrea Bonacorsi placing 2nd in the overall standings.

In MXGP, after finishing 6th in the previous race, the Dutchman Brian Bogers confirmed his potential by doing an encore even after a few days. He classified in 7th in Race 1 and 5th in Race 2 where, at the end of an exchange of positions with the World champion Tim Gajser, he obtained his best result of the season.  

In MX2 the best result among the Maxxis riders came once again from the Spanish of Yamaha SDM Ruben Fernandez, who opened the day with a fantastic 4th position in the first heat and a 9th place in the second heat, this closing the GP 6th overall.

Round 13 – Monster Energy MXGP of Flanders
At the end of the Grand Prix of Flanders, in the EMX125 Andrea Bonacorsi and Maxxis maintained the role of class leader even without getting on the podium, closing 6th overall.

The Husqvarna Maddii Racing rider, Mattia Guadagnini, at the start with Maxxcross MX-ST front and MX-SM rear tyres too, raced with grit and determination, but in both the heats he was unable to do better than the leader Benistant, always closing behind the French of Yamaha, from which he is now 26 points behind. The final race on the same Belgian circuit will therefore be decisive.

In the MXGP the Maxxis tyres instead obtained their best result thanks to the fantastic performance of Brian Bogers who just touched the World podium. The Dutchman of KTM Marchetti Racing put in all his experience on sandy ground to first win a consistent 4th place in Race 1 behind all the official riders, and to then be the protagonist also of the second heat which saw him maintaining the 5th position until mid-race and then losing two positions due to a slip caused by the breaking of the clutch lever, thus closing the GP of Flanders 6th overall.

Round Twelve – MXGP of Spain
The star of the day was dedicated to the European championships was Mattia Guadagnini, who scored his sixth consecutive EMX250 race victory and third in overall classification. An extraordinary result of the Husqvarna Maddii Racing rider: first place in the time practice and victory in both the heats, where he maintained the lead over his opponents from the third lap in Race 1 and from the first lap in Race 2.

The German Max Spies, fresh winner of the 2020 Youngster Cup title, also performed well in EMX250: he obtained his second-best placement in the category by closing the Spanish GP in 9th position.

Maxxis scored a victory in the EMX125 too where Andrea Bonacorsi climbed again to the top step of the podium and strengthen his role as championship leader. The official Fantic Motor returned to the top thanks to two great performances that saw him close both races in 2nd place.

The highly expected MXGP saw the Dutchman of KTM Marchetti Racing Brian Bogers getting his best seasonal position thanks to two solid performances both finished in 8th place that guaranteed him the same placement also in the ranking of the day.

Round Eleven – MXGP of Europe
After the success achieved in the EMX250 of the previous GP, Mattia Guadagnini and the Maxxcross tyres dominated the Grand Prix of Europe as well. In both the heats Guadagnini was unstoppable: after two starts in the top positions, he quickly took the lead securing a decent margin over his opponents which he then maintained until the finish line.


The Maxxcross MX-ST front and MX-SM rear tyres also finished in the top ten of the MXGP with KTM Marchetti Racing Dutch rider Brian Bogers who, after a 9th position in timed practice and two positive performances finished in 9th and then 10th in the heats, obtained his best result of the season ranking 10th overall on the GP.

A very positive day for Maxxis also in the MX2 class, which saw its riders Alberto Forato, Ruben Fernandez and Kevin Horgmo closing the GP of Europe respectively in 7th, 8th and 9th place overall, demonstrating the perfect performance of the Maxxcross tyres on sandy ground.

Round Ten – MXGP of Mantova
The EMX250 of the Città di Mantova Grand Prix, held on the Tazio Nuvolari circuit, recorded the absolute domination of Mattia Guadagnini and the Maxxis Maxxcross tyres in both the heats.

Race 1 and 2 were practically a photocopy of each other: perfect starting where he skillfully took advantage of the traction offered by his Maxxcross tyres to immediately take the lead of the group, and record lap times that allowed him to take a remarkable margin on his opponents which he perfectly controlled from the middle of the race until the finish line.

In the MX2 the Spanish of Yamaha SDM Ruben Fernandez, who, despite two crashes, finished 10th in the first heat and 11th in the second one, closing the GP 10th overall, the same position he maintains in the championship standings.

Alberto Forato, author of a promising 11th place in the first heat after a consistent recovery from over the 20th position, but forced to retire in the second heat due to technical problems.

Round Nine – MXGP of Lombardia
The former European EMX125 champion Mattia Guadagnini from team Maddii Racing, using the Maxxis MX-ST front and the MX-SM rear tyres, had distinguished himself by setting the best time in both qualifying and in general, thanks to which he took first place at the starting gate. But an unfortunate start in the first heat forced him to come back from the middle of the group, from which he emerged due to his fast times in every round and took the 2nd place. In the following race he had a fantastic start at the head of the group, but a slip at the beginning of the race and a following crash forced him to retire, thus closing the GP in 9th position. Despite the unlucky race, Guadagnini kept his 2nd place in the championship.

In the top ten also the German Max Spies, finished 10th in this GP and he is now 15th in the championship classification.

In the MXGP, the KTM Marchetti Racing rider Brian Bogers using the Maxxcross tyres remained 5th in the first part of the race 1 before running into a crash that relegated him to the 12th place, to then secure the 13th position in the following heat, guaranteeing him a 12th place overall.

A good performance by Alberto Forato in the MX2 who, after the injury in Latvia, raced to the best of his ability obtaining a more than honorable 11th place overall that earned him two positions in the championship standings, in which he is now 15th.

Round Eight – MXGP of Emilia Romagna
In this third and last race held on the Monte Coralli circuit, Bonacorsi had two extraordinary comebacks shortly after halfway through the race, in the second heat even from 16th position, which both times brought him to the lead until the finish line. 

This amazing result and staying ahead of the Spanish of GasGas Guillem Farras and David Braceras allowed him to extend the gap in the championship standings, which now sees him 34 points over Farras. Also, the Maxxis rider Andrea Roncoli finished in the top-ten in the same category, at the 9th place. A result that allowed him to conquer the 8th position in the championship.

The Maxxcross MX-ST tyres also accompanied the Husqvarna Maddii Racing rider Federico Tuani on the podium of the EMX2T, finishing 3rd at the end of two important performances. The Canadian Kade Walker stood out finishing 5th, one position ahead of Eugenio Barbaglia, who moved up to the 2nd place in the championship with just one point ahead of his teammate Tuani.

Round seven – MXGP of Citta di Faenza
Maxxis Tyres claimed a second consecutive victory with the Italian rider Andrea Bonacorsi, in the EMX125. He conquered the 1st position of the championship with a 26-point advantage over Pietro Razzini.

Maxxis Tyres also hit the podium in EMX2T, in which the Canadian Kade Walker was the author of a brilliant race finishing in 2nd place behind the championship leader Brad Anderson.

Mattia Guadagnini was the protagonist of the MX2: in pole position at the start of the first heat, he rode a gritty race, ending 6th with his best result of the season. In the second heat he classified 8th, closing the day 7th overall.

Round six – MXGP of Italy
Maxxis had yet another successful round at the championships with the Italian rider from Bergamo, Andrea Bonacorsi, who won both races of the EMX125 with two very gritty performances. A deserved success for the Fantic Motor rider, who competed with the Maxxcross MX-ST tyres as did all the other Maxxis riders, and reached the top of the championship standings on equal points with Liam Everts.

“It’s been a perfect day for me with two wins. In the first race, I took the first place and then I took a bit of a gap between the other riders, but then in the second race it was a little bit harder, but I won again and I’m really happy about it. I’d like to thank my team, my sponsors and the Fantic guys because they do an amazing job. Now I’m on the same points as first place so I’m also really happy about that and hoping for some good races in the next two rounds.” – Andrea Bonacorsi, September 2020

The MaxxCross MX-ST also shined in the opening round of the 2T European Championship, which saw the young Federico Tuani conquering the second place overall after finishing third in the first race, with a good comeback in the opening, and after a solid second race ending in second position. Also in the same category, MarioTamai, Eugenio Barbaglia and Gianluca Deghi stood out, finishing in fourth, fifth and sixth place respectively.

Round five – MXGP of Kegums
The European 125 champion Mattia Guadagnini was the highlight of the EMX250 with two fantastic performances that gave him the 3rd step of the podium. Above all, he earned a position in the championship standings that now sees him in the 2nd place behind the Frenchman, Thibault Benistant.

“I have always felt good with Maxxis tyres“ – commented Guadagnini at the end of the race – “and also on this ground I had good performance support both at the start, as I demonstrated in today’s second round by coming out ahead of everyone, and in the other parts of the track, where soft and hard terrain alternated. I’m really happy because I couldn’t ask more than this result “.Mattia Guadagnini, August 2020

Also Liam Everts, becoming more and more familiar with his 250 bike, rode better than the previous race, so much so that he was able to finish in the top-ten thanks to an 11th and a 7th place that earned him the 9th overall and the 7th in the championship ranking. On the other hand, the German Max Spies this time got 13th place, due to a painful first round in which he remained all the time in the middle of the group and a second round in which he ended 10th. 

Round four – MXGP of Riga
The fourth race of the Motocross World Championship and second consecutive race in Latvia on the circuit of Kegums.

The Italian Mattia Guadagnini, despite a difficult day, still managed to keep his 3rd position in the championship. The Husqvarna Maddii Racing team rider opened the first round with a good recovery from mid-group that brought him to 4th place, but a start from last positions compromised his second round making him end 14th. This result made him close the GP 8th overall. Max Spies got two positions above Guadagnini gaining a deserved 6th place overall.

Liam Everts is becoming more and more familiar with his 250cc bike, to finish in the top-ten thanks to an 11th and a 7th place that made him 9th overall and lead him to the 7th place in the championship ranking.

The competitiveness of Ruben Fernandez brought his Yamaha SD Corse to the 12th place, despite a start from last positions and some falls, and then to the 7th place, after a comeback from positions behind. 

Brian Bogers and Michele Cervellin, despite excellent starting positions of 6th and 3rd, came across the circuit’s difficulties by closing the race 14th and 16th. A result that leads the Dutchman to climb a few steps in the championship standings, which now sees him in 13th place, while the Italian maintains his 14th place.

Round three – MXGP of Latvia 
After a five-month break due to the COVID-19 emergency, the World Championship and the European Motocross Championship are finally back, starting from Latvia, where three consecutive races are scheduled in seven days.

Maxxis’ race weekend opened with the fantastic performance of Mattia Guadagnini in the EMX250. Guadagnini gained the second step of the podium in this race and climbed the overall standings to third place, positioning himself just 11 points behind the French leader.


The World Championship held on Sunday brought Maxxis tyres to the fore again with the 4th place in MX2 of the Spanish Ruben Fernandez, author of an excellent performance. The Yamaha SD Corse rider made two extraordinary starts, with which he underlined the traction qualities of the Maxxis MX-SM on soft ground, and a gritty first-round closed in 3rd place, while in the second round he finished 7th hindered by a couple of falls.


Round two – MXGP of The Netherlands
The Dutch Grand Prix marked the opening of the 250 European championship where Maxxis MaxxCross tyres placed themselves in the top ten of the category with two riders.

The best result came from the current EMX125 leader Liam Everts, who, waiting to take part in the second race of the championship, trained well riding his 4-stroke 250 bike, finishing in a respectable 6th place.

A good performance was also had for the reigning EMX125 champion Mattia Guadagnini, whose debut in the major class was made more demanding by the heavy race conditions. However, the Husqvarna Maddii Racing rider raced with a good progression finishing the first round 12th and the second 4th, achieving a satisfactory 9th place overall.

Mattia Guadagnini Maxxis tyres

To satisfy the need for maximum traction and directionality, Maxxis riders relied on the Maxxcross MX-ST tyres for the front wheel and MX-SM tyres for the rear wheel, which proved to be the perfect choice for the conditions due to the sandy terrain and the rain throughout the weekend.


Round one – Success for Liam Everts and Maxxis at the MXGP of Great Britain
Just like the start of the 2019 EMX125 season, this year Maxxis tyres yet again dominated the opening round of the European 125 championship, held on the demanding British track of Matterley Basin.

The wet conditions over the weekend meant that Maxxis riders opted for the Maxxcross MX-ST both on the front and on the rear, due to its excellent grip and directional performance derived from the design of the blocks and the calibrated compound for soft terrains. Among these riders, there was Liam Everts, son of the 10 times World champion Stefan and grandson of the motocross World champion Harry, who imposed his clear superiority in both races securing a fantastic Maxxis win.

Liam Everts wins EMX125

In the same class, the Maxxcross MX-ST also distinguished itself for the performance of the Fantic Motor officer Andrea Bonacorsi, who, after retiring from the first heat due to problems with the bike, redeemed himself in the next one and finished 5th.

Alberto Forato at MXGP of GB

A brilliant performance was also had for the Husqvarna Maddii Racing Italian rider Alberto Forato, who disputed two gritty races in the MX2 achieving the 6th final place; his teammate Mattia Guadagnini finished 12th and the Spanish Ruben Fernandez also made a mark, with two starts in the first five positions which underlined the special grip offered by the Maxxcross MX-ST in the mud.

Mattia Guadagnini at MXGP of GB