Maxxis Razr MT MT772 Wins 4x4 Australia Tyre Test 2020

Australian magazine 4x4 Australia undertook a comprehensive track-based tyre test of a range of mud-terrain tyres.

The 4×4 Australia magazine tyre test of 2020 put a selection of mud terrain tyres to the test in their least comfortable environment – tarmac – and concluded that the Maxxis Razr MT was the best 4×4 tyre in the test.

4×4 Australia magazine devised the track-based tyre test based on the rationale that “most driving that most people will do is on bitumen, and our tests have shown it’s the place that mud-terrains are most compromised”. With a mud-terrain tyre sitting at the extreme end of 4×4 tyre design, these tyres are known for being less than ideal for regular road use due to noise, grip and wear issues. This test was designed to assess these issues.

The test included a range of 4×4 tyres from the Bridgestone Dueller M/T to the BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 with the Kumho and Sunwide equivalents tested too. Test criteria was based on wet and dry braking, cornering and price, with some observational comments made along the way.

“…the Maxxis stopped at least 1.3m shorter than all rivals [in wet braking]… The decent grip in wet and dry made the Maxxis a solid performer in all disciplines, either leading or doing very well in each category.” – 4×4 Australia magazine.

The Razr M/T finished the test in a strong first place, achieving a total score of 401.4 points compared to 393.0 points for the Bridgestone tyre (second place) and 392.4 points for the Kumho tyre (third place).

“…it’s the Maxxis Razr that performed best in our tests…”

Aside from the quantitative test measurements, the write-up in 4×4 Australia also observed the Maxxis tyre’s resistance to wear despite the demanding nature of the test:

“The Maxxis tyres were also among the best for protecting its outer edges after a solid thrashing…”

The Razr M/T is one of Maxxis’ flagship mud-terrain tyres, and is available to buy in over 100 countries across the globe.

Razr MT Wins 4x4 Australia Tyre Test