• Dirt
    • Park
    • Wet

    The MaxxDaddy is a BMX tyre ideal for use on dirt tracks and other outdoor courses where biting grip is required.

    • Bidirectional
    • Engineered for BMX tracks, trail riding, and dirt jumping
    • Can be used as a front or rear tyre
    • Staggered, tightly spaced centre lugs provide controllable speeds
    • Shoulder lugs hooks up on the hardpack berms and on the loose dirt of the trails


    Tyre Size

    Maxxdaddy Tyre Reviews

    Sometimes the best BMX tyre reviews come from riders just like you:

    Rider,, October 2019:
    “Bought for son’s mountain bike. Great grip, easy to fit. Maxxis great brand with quality.”

    Rider,, February 2019:
    “Great tire, light and easy to fit. Good traction in soft ground.”

    Rider,, May 2017:
    “Running these on my Bmx as I ride dirt a lot. Excellent front Tyre’s with the right amount of grip, slip and balance”

    Rider,, April 2017:
    “I can go anywhere using these tyres good grip and plenty of roll”

    Rider,, September 2010:
    “This is a brilliant tyre by Maxxis. I used to have a lot of punctures but since I bought this I haven’t had any, plus it is extremely grippy. I recommend you to buy this if you ride dirt.”

    Rider,, September 2010:
    “Ok so I bought these around 6 months ago as I was riding a lot of dirt as we had built a new trail. As we had a pump track as I was hitting berms very fast and my front tyre kept washing out as it was designed for street. So I bought one of these and a holy roller (Less grippy version of this) and chucked the Maxxdaddy on the front and holy roller on the back. Now I’ve never even had a slip from the front and I’ve got so much more confidence when hitting berms at speed. So anyway if you’re wanting grippy dirt tyres for dirt riding on a BMX these are the way to go.”

    Rider,, August 2009:
    “I bought these for my son’s bike, they give so much grip he’s pushing the bike much harder and faster than before. These tyres do NOT hold onto the mud, such a simple thing like tyres on a kids bike, who would’ve thought it could inspire so much confidence. Well done on a great design Maxxis!”