Minion SS

    Minion SS

    • Race
    • Versatility
    • Speed

    The Minion SS has a semi-slick tread with dependable Minion cornering grip for the perfect combination of fast rolling and cornering grip.

    • Dual compound
    • EXO technology for sidewall protection
    • Silkworm technology for puncture protection
    • Doubledown protection available in certain sizes
    • Tubeless ready (TR)
    • Perfect for the modern enduro circuit’s, long descents and longer climbs
    • Excellent tyre test results

    Pair with a Dissector, Minion DHF or Assegai up front for the ultimate combination.

    Recommended installation: Rear


    Performance Ratings

    Mud Grip

    Cornering Ability

    Rolling Resistance


    Puncture Resistance

    Who rides the Minion SS tyre?

    Martin Zietsman
    Professional mountain biker Martin Ziestsman has competed in countless racing series including; Scottish Enduro Series, Welsh Gravity Enduro Series, Tweedlove Enduro Series and EWS.

    ‘Maxxis aren’t regarded as the best gravity tyres in the world for nothing. They have a tyre for any and every trail condition. Maxxis gives me total confidence in my tyres, allowing me to hit trails with complete trust in my grip, knowing I can focus wholly on the trail ahead. It’s incredible knowing the limit of your speed is your ability and not your tyres…’

    Minion SS Tyre Tests

    Plenty of publications have tested the Minion SS tyre:

    Mountain Bike Rider
    A go-to UK-based magazine for mountain bike riders, MBR is a great source of reference for independent advice on aftermarket parts and accessories for your bike, and they scored the SS a very respectable 8/10:

    Under braking, the dual-compound rubber and minimal centre tread are very well controlled, and the SS also handles mixed conditions without any drama. To sum up, the Minion SS rides great, but doesn’t feel as fast as some rivals…” – Mick Kirkman,, October 2016

    Dirt Mountain Bike reviewed the Minion SS and were pleased with the results:
    It’s maybe not for everyone, but the Minion SS is certainly a good tyre to have as an option, especially if the dream of parched trails comes good this season. Give one a try and you may be leaving it on until September…” – Sean White,, April 2016

    Pink Bike is a go-to source of information on parts and accessories for the cycle enthusiast, and they concluded that “The Minion is a specialty tire, but it’s also one that’s usable in a wider range of conditions than its appearance might suggest. Paired with an aggressive front tire it’s an excellent option for riders looking for additional speed without sacrificing much in the way of control” –

    Flow Mountain Bike tested the Minion SS and when asked if they would recommend the tyre, they answered: “100%. If you like the ride feel of a rear tyre that encourages a bit of fishtailing, but you still want the front end grip to stop you crashing onto your face, then this is a great combo. The value for money and reliable construction is just the icing on the performance cake. These tyres mightn’t be new in the market, but they still deliver.” –, September 2016

    Single Tracks
    Having tested the Minion SS, has some pretty good things to say:

    I personally dig semi-slick tires like the Minion SS, though I understand this style of tire isn’t for everyone or for all conditions. But for trail and enduro riders who like to push the limits in relatively dry conditions, the Minion SS is an excellent choice. This is definitely a tire I plan to keep running for a long time.” – Jeff Barber,, October 2015

    Minion SS Tyre: User Reviews

    Sometimes the best reviews come from downhill riders just like you.

    Rider,, April 2020:
    “I had this tyre come spec’ed on a bike I bought. I thought I would give it a go and was really surprised. Obviously it rolls super fast, that goes without saying. I was more surprised with how the tyre copes everywhere else. I’ve had this tyre in dry dust trails in Morocco, as well as rattled down Mt Snowdon in Wales with the same tyre. It will handle light mud and grips fairly well. Clear deeper mud it cannot cope with. For mixed condition trails it handles amazing. Corners really well and has had its fair share of rocks thrown at it, always taking on more that I thought it could. It loses grip when straight line braking at times but you expect that with the type of tyre. Even knowing how good it is. I’m always hesitant to put it on. However, when I do. I’m always rewarded with how good it is. I usually run it as a rear tyre with 30psi.” 

    Rider,, February 2020:
    “Rolling machine. Best rolling tyre I’ve ever had and corners just as good stopping distance is extended but that’s expected but worth it for me on the XC”

    Rider,, January 2020:
    “Fast rolling tyre with plenty of cornering grip, absolutely perfect for dry summer conditions… Doesn’t slip when climbing, and brakes well. I have this tyre mounted on the rear, with 30mm rims. I run about 25 PSI, tubeless. The profile is good, early engagement of the side knobs when cornering (great for those who don’t lean that aggressively), but side knobs stay clear when pedalling. Worth getting Silkworm protection for peace of mind (it’s only about 10g more).” 

    Rider,, August 2019:
    “Around UK Trail Centres and relativity hard pack terrain this tyre is fantastic on the rear. Excellent rolling speed with minimal rolling resistance, but grips well under braking and hooks up with full grip on corners or when leaned over. The semi-slick design makes this a playful rear tyre, and it will track separately from the front as it slips and skips around, but it always feels under control as the aggressive side knobs catch the terrain and keep it on course through the rough. Can be a little sketchy in the wet or on mud, or when pushed very aggressively, say at uplift centres, but for general trail riding this is a brilliant rear tyre.” 

    Rider,, August 2019
    “Bought this to replace my trusty High Roller 2 at the rear, for summer. Yes it rolls faster. I thought this would mean there’d be a horrible grip trade off, but no. It’s still remarkably grippy, even in some pretty wet conditions. It does spin up a bit more easily on slippy, out of the seat pedaling climbs. But on the whole–it’s a superb tyre. I’m a lover of technical descents, and I’m no slouch when I’m riding them. I can see myself keeping it all year round! Great price too.” 

    Rider,, August 2019:
    “Granted this would still be lethal as a front tyre but I wondered how it would be on the back, whilst the uk trails are bone dry… Turns out they’re legit! Fast-rolling and the side knobs give you great cornering grip – you obviously sacrifice some braking and climbing traction with a centre tread like this but… They’re way better than an Aggressor (for example) in both cornering grip and rolling resistance. As soon as things get wet again, the DHF will go back on the rear, but whilst it’s dry, surprisingly this thing rips!”




    An extremely cut-resistant and abrasion-resistant material added to the sidewalls of select mountain tires. This densely woven fabric is also lightweight and highly flexible, ensuring that the performance of the tire remains unaffected. Choose EXO Protection for exceptionally rocky, treacherous trails where the chance of sidewall cuts and abrasions is high.



    Silkworm is an exclusive material incorporated into the casing of select models, increasing puncture and tear resistance. Silkworm is featured under the tread as a breaker.


    Double Down (DD)

    DoubleDown (DD) is the next step in the evolution of the dual-ply tyre casing for enduro and downhill racing. Two 120 TPI casing layers reinforced with a butyl insert provide the rider with the support and protection of an MTB tyre, but in a lighter package.


    Tubeless Ready

    Tubeless downhill set-ups are a great way to shave some weight and spend more time in the bike park or shuttling hot laps on your local runs. Sealant-compatible rubber is used with the familiar Maxxis dual-ply 60 TPI downhill construction and butyl insert for support and rim protection in order to offer the benefits of increased grip and reliability. A Tubeless Ready bead securely locks to the rim and the foldable bead provides additional weight savings.