Minion DHR II

    Minion DHR II

    • Mud
    • Race
    • Speed
    • Versatility

    The popular Minion DHR II provides excellent braking and cornering traction for the ultimate mountain biking or downhill riding experience.

    • 3C Maxx Terra available
    • Improved acceleration, cornering and braking
    • Tubeless ready (TR) available
    • Redesigned centre tread for ultimate speed
    • Designed as a rear tyre but can also be used as a front
    Pair it with a Minion DHF up front for the ultimate aggressive MTB riding tyre combo! The Minion DHR II is available in trail, enduro, and downhill specs.
    Recommended installation: Rear


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    Who rides the Minion DHR II?

    Martin Zietsman
    Professional mountain biker Martin Ziestsman has competed in countless racing series including; Scottish Enduro Series, Welsh Gravity Enduro Series, Tweedlove Enduro Series and EWS. He chooses Maxxis tyres and here’s what he has to say:
    ‘Maxxis aren’t regarded as the best gravity tyres in the world for nothing. They have a tyre for any and every trail condition. Maxxis gives me total confidence in my tyres, allowing me to hit trails with complete trust in my grip, knowing I can focus wholly on the trail ahead. It’s incredible knowing the limit of your speed is your ability and not your tyres…’

    Danny Hart
    British downhill mountain biker, Danny Hart, currently rides for Madison Saracen on Maxxis tyres. He won the 2011 and 2016 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships.

    Greg Minnaar
    South African World Champion, Greg Minnaar is a mountain bike racer competing in downhill cycling. Greg races for Santa Cruz Syndicate on Maxxis tyres and also assisted in the development of the Maxxis Assegai.

    Minion DHR II Tyre Test Results

    The go-to MTB and DH tyre is understandably well-reviewed by professional publications.

    Single Track World
    “This has to be one of the best cornering tyres I’ve used – it is utterly reliable and sure-footed on a variety of trail surfaces. The combination of those slightly wider DHF cornering blocks with the deeper centre tread gives tonnes of traction, even when the rocks are big, loose and surrounded by scrabbly dirt or mud.

    Braking traction is noticeably better than the Minion DHF. Point the bike down a nasty steep chute, and those short, wide and siped centre blocks pinch and bite the trail with more available edges than the DHF. The steeper and looser the descents, the more useful the in-built braking traction of the DHR II is – both on the front and on the rear.” – James Vincent,, February 2019

    Outdoor Gear Lab ranked the Minion DHR II 2nd out of 24 tyres:
    As you’ve probably already surmised by our glowing review of the Minion DHR II, we’re pretty big fans of this tire. We think you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option for a rear tire for aggressive everyday trail riding. The combination of cornering confidence and pedaling and braking traction is hard to beat.” – Jeremy Benson,, November 2018

    Mountain Bike Rider
    A go-to UK-based magazine for mountain bike riders, MBR awarded the Minion DHR II the MBR Editor’s Choice 2019 with a total score of 10/10:
    “Maxxis Minion DHR II WT arguably offers the most grip of all Maxxis models suitable for mixed conditions, and works fine year-round. With its blocky tread slabs and pronounced shoulder channel, the Minion is a mountain bike classic and a regular winner of our group test. This year, Maxxis has developed a brand new casing option called EXO+ with a toughness and weight halfway between thicker Double Down models and thinner, standard EXO versions.” – Mick Kirkman,, December 2019

    Enduro Mountain Bike Magazine awarded the Minion DHR II “The best enduro all-rounder 2018”:
    “This tire was originally designed to be used on a back wheel but is also an impressive front wheel option with outstanding braking traction and good lateral stability. The profile with big ramped knobs and staggered side-lugs can dig deep enough into the ground without concern over tire squirm. This makes it work well in both dry/rocky conditions and on soft terrain exceeding the grip threshold only at a late stage and offering great control. The grip of the 3C is great and the wear is relatively low.” – Christoph Bayer,, October 2017

    Vital MTB rated the Minion DHF II a glowing 5/5 in their tyre test:
    “Let’s be honest, Maxxis Minion DHF and DHR II tires might be the most popular setup out there. Rightfully so, as you’ll be hard-pressed to find a negative review or a person unwilling to run them.

    Maxxis has once again found a way to make their tires even better with the addition of EXO+. With only a negligible increase in weight the tires perform better in all scenarios with improved durability. Maxxis product designers have the confidence to keep what is great about timeless treads and the foresight to make updates to make them even better. Regardless of where or what you ride, your favorite Maxxis treads can be paired with the perfect casing for your needs. We expect EXO+ to become a hit among all-mountain riders worldwide.” – Joel Harwood,, June 2019

    Minion DHR II Tyre: User Reviews

    Sometimes the best tyre reviews come from MTB riders just like you.

    Rider,, March 2020:
    “Is a very solid tire. Great on climbs or descent. Grippy in corners and fast-rolling for flat out lines.”

    Rider,, February 2020:
    “I’m impressed to its durability and performance especially in rocky Mountain.”

     Rider,, January 2020:
    “I bought a pair of Maxxis Minions after reading lots of favourable reviews due to suffering lots of punctures on the standard equipment tyres delivered with my Whyte. After completing a tubeless conversation and In conjunction with these tyres the difference is amazing. Since the changes I no longer get three thorn punctures a ride and off roading has become fun again! Definitely worth the change.”

    Rider,, January 2020:
    “These are great Tires they have amazing grip and I’ve had them for about three months and they’re still looking brand-new I would definitely recommend them to anyone who mountain bikes.”

    Rider,, December 2019:
    “Good grip when the going gets soggy. Not too draggy on road. Well pleased!”

    Rider,, November 2019:
    “I use this tyre on the rear wheel. Best thing about these tyres is massive traction uphill and braking grip. You can climb up anything with them, and the braking is fantastic on steep downhill slippery sections. They are better at clearing mud than dhf and work better on the back than dhf. Dhf front and dhr rear is ultimate combo.”



    3C MaxxTerra

    An intermediate compound configuration used in select mountain tires. 3C MaxxTerra is softer and offers more traction than 3C MaxxSpeed, yet provides better treadwear and less rolling resistance than MaxxGrip.


    3C MaxxGrip

    3C MaxxGrip uses the softest rubber compounds to offer the ultimate in grip and slow rebound properties for unparalleled traction in downhill applications.


    Double Down (DD)

    DoubleDown (DD) is the next step in the evolution of the dual-ply tire casing for enduro racing. Two 120 TPI casing layers reinforced with a butyl insert provide the enduro racer with the support and protection of a downhill tire, but in a lighter package.



    An extremely cut-resistant and abrasion-resistant material added to the sidewalls of select mountain tires. This densely woven fabric is also lightweight and highly flexible, ensuring that the performance of the tire remains unaffected. Choose EXO Protection for exceptionally rocky, treacherous trails where the chance of sidewall cuts and abrasions is high.



    Our EXO+ construction combines two of our best puncture protection materials: SilkShield and EXO. The SilkShield layer runs from bead-to-bead with a layer of EXO along the sidewalls. Combined, these two materials create EXO+ which improves tread puncture protection by 27%; sidewall durability by 51%; and resistance to pinch flats by 28%.


    Tubeless Ready

    Tubeless downhill set-ups are a great way to shave some weight and spend more time in the bike park or shuttling hot laps on your local runs. Sealant-compatible rubber is used with the familiar Maxxis dual-ply 60 TPI downhill construction and butyl insert for support and rim protection in order to offer the benefits of increased grip and reliability. A Tubeless Ready bead securely locks to the rim and the foldable bead provides additional weight savings.