Auto Express Puts Maxxis ap2 in Top Four for All-Weather Performance

The Maxxis AP2 all-season passenger car tyre has finished fourth in performance tests recently carried out by Auto Express. Maxxis scored an average of 95.4% over a total of 14 disciplines, surpassing the score of comparative tyres from the likes of global giants Pirelli and Bridgestone.

The Auto Express test assessed tyres performance in the snow, as well as wet and dry surfaces, with each of these then split into a number of sub tests covering traction, braking distance, handling, aquaplaning, noise, rolling resistance and price.

Commenting on the results, Maxxis UK managing director Derek McMartin said: “With the all-season tyre market gaining momentum in the UK, competition in this segment is tough. So to finish fourth overall is a great achievement for us.

“Our research and development team is dedicated to providing and delivering exactly what a driver needs, whatever weather conditions they find themselves in. We invest heavily in R&D and use advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure that we are producing the best products possible for our customers. We are devoted to delivering excellence across our brand, and ensuring that we provide drivers with the highest quality, safest all-season tyres possible.”

The addition of Maxxis’s AP2 all-season tyre is obviously something that Stapleton’s is looking forward to as commercial director Stephen Childs confirms: “Being able to offer our dealers the Maxxis AP2 all-season passenger car tyre is very exciting for us. Not only does it come with a pleasing price tag, but results from Auto Express’ all-season tyre test just go to show how good it is. Dealers interested in stocking Maxxis’ latest all-season tyre should contact their Stapleton’s representative in the first instance.”

Commenting on Maxxis’ AP2’s performance, Auto Express said: “Maxxis’ all-season AP2 is a good performer from a brand best known for its motorbike tyres. Just as Pirelli chose to focus on wet and dry running, Maxxis focused on snow and dry and achieved its best score on the snow circle, leaving the struggling Bridgestone A001 and Pirelli Cinturato tyres trailing.”

The all-season Maxxis AP2 tyre offers drivers improved wet traction and better rolling resistance performance due to its advanced tread compound, with V-shaped directional grooves provide extra traction under wet and snowy conditions. High-density 3D sipe technology provides additional stiffness and ensures grooves remain open during contact to reduce the risk of hydroplaning in wet, snowy and icy weather conditions. Its steel belt construction and double-layer high strength streel belts improve impact resistance and optimises drivers contact patch for better handling in all-weather conditions.