C.J. Greaves Clinches Championships at Torc

Maxxis’ title-sponsored driver C.J. Greaves proved unstoppable in the 2015 TORC season, as he nailed both the Pro 4 and Pro 2 championships at TORC Rounds 15-16, and later went on to win the AMSOIL Cup Race. TORC’s final rounds for the year were held September 5-6 in Crandon, Wisconsin.

Greaves’ father Johnny took second place in Pro 4 for the year, and was jubilant about the season’s results: “It’s a little hard to absorb. We basically put three trucks on the tracks this season, and we did as good as you could do.  The only bad part is that it can’t get better from here! Maxxis tires have been fabulous all year. Toward the end of the season, they made the compound change that helped a lot. It’s great to be involved with somebody that’s always looking to make improvements. The trackside support is second to none. Maxxis is just a great group to be with.” 

The younger Greaves also broke his father Johnny’s track record by one tenth of a second, an outcome that Johnny said is fine as far as he’s concerned.  “I’m all good with it as long as we keep all the records and championships under the same roof,” Johnny said.   

Other Maxxis drivers also turned in fine performances for the weekend and the season.  Maxxis’ title-sponsored driver Kyle Hart won Saturday’s Pro Light race and was third overall for the class. Chad Hord took second place in the AMSOIL Cup Race, and was fifth overall for the year in Pro 4. Marty Hart took the Pro 2 win on Saturday and earned third place for the day on Sunday, and was third overall in the class for the season. 

Maxxis congratulates C.J. Greaves on his championship and his incredible season, Kyle Hart on his victory, and thanks all of its drivers for a season of outstanding performances.