Distributor Feeds Hungry Children

Maxxis Distributor Feeds Hungry Children

In keeping with a company initiative begun in 2014, a Maxxis distributor in Thailand recently hosted an event to feed hungry children. 

Some 400 children at a remote rural school near the border between Thailand and Laos, the Ban Non Sawang 5 School, were fed at the event. Meals were made and served by distributor Vinai Jaewtrakul, his wife and members of Vinai’s staff. Vinai is the chairman of S. Max Enterprise Co., Ltd., one of Maxxis’ Thailand distributors. 

The “No More Hungry Students” campaign was announced at Maxxis’ annual African and Asian Distributors Conference in 2014. Members of Maxxis’ network of distributors, along with Maxxis employees, were encouraged to look for ways to help young children suffering from hunger in the distributors’ local areas. 

Maxxis commends Vinai Jaewtrakul and all who took part in this event for their efforts on the part of needy children.