Maxxis’ Cj Greaves and Kyle Hart Win Torc Pro Truck Championships

For the first time in the series’ history, one company has swept TORC’s Pro truck championships. Between them, Maxxis’ title-sponsored drivers CJ Greaves and Kyle Hart won titles in three classes: Greaves won championships in Pro 4 and Pro 2, and Hart took the Pro Light championship.

The two clinched their titles at Round 13, the final TORC race of the year, held September 3 in Crandon, Wisconsin. Both men are second generation Maxxis drivers, with fathers who are established racing legends, Johnny Greaves and Marty Hart

Johnny Greaves began the day with a victory in the Pro 4 race, with CJ in second place by .088 seconds. The podium spot secured CJ’s 2016 Pro 4 championship, with Johnny in second place for 2016. Maxxis’ sponsored driver Chad Hord is fourth overall in Pro 4 for the year. CJ later took second place in the day’s Pro 2 race, having clinched the class title in August. Having taken titles for these classes in 2015, CJ was the defending champions in both classes this year. 

Kyle Hart had all but won the title going into Saturday’s Pro Light race, but he gave another strong showing despite his dominant class ranking. Kyle took second place for the day and won the championship decisively. 

CJ took to the podium again at the following day’s AMSOIL Cup races, winning the Pro 2 and Pro 4 races and taking second place in the Pro 4 versus Pro 2 contest. 

Maxxis congratulates Kyle Hart and CJ Greaves on their championships and thanks all of its drivers for an incredible season of racing.