Beating out models from seven other manufacturers, Maxxis’ Premitra HP5 is the winner of Wheels magazine’s 2017 Tire Test. The results were announced in Wheels’ August issue. The Premitra HP5 is “decently quiet, impressively agile and exceptionally hard-stopping,” according to Wheels, which also called the tire’s top spot in its rankings “a deserved victory.”

Wheels put all eight tires through what it called a “torture test” before declaring the Premitra HP5 the winner: “The Maxxis Premitra HP5 was a standout when it came to braking, not just out-stopping its rivals, but doing so by a margin that made it clear this tyre has something special under brakes. It was quick enough around the handling circuit to finish third, and it felt good doing it. And the Maxxis was also among a gaggle of tyres in equal second in the noise test.”

Such praise is just the latest in a series of glowing assessments since the Premitra HP5’s introduction two years ago. In 2015, it was named Motor Trend’s Tire of the Year at a ceremony in Shanghai, China. A year later, after conducting extensive tests on ten tires from various manufacturers, Slovakian magazine Autožurnál rated the Premitra HP5 first in dry handling, four-wheel ABS dry braking and ABS dry braking. The HP5 ranked second in Autožurnál’s tests of wet handling; wet cornering on asphalt; residual speed after braking from 100 km/hour to 0 km/hour; four-wheel ABS braking; and aquaplaning, longitudinal front-driven car.