Truck in the desert

Maxxis-Riding Team Finishes the All-Woman Rebelle Rally

Razr MT tires showed their racing mettle once again when they carried Team 155 all the way through the 2,600-kilometer (1,600-mile) Rebelle Rally. Driver Jenna Fribley and navigator Liza Beres completed the all-woman race, run over eight days through the Nevada and California desert, on LT265/75R16 Razr MTs.

Truck in the desert

“The tires performed incredibly in any terrain that we threw at them,” Fribley and Beres said. “Rocks, sand, loose gravel and hundreds of miles of washed out roads, not to mention the Glamis sand dunes. The ride was smoother and quieter than it’s ever been. Not only would we run a classic Defender in the Rebelle again in a heartbeat, we wouldn’t hesitate to run Maxxis tires every time.”

“We set a goal for our first year to learn as much as we could and to have a positive attitude no matter what the Rebelle threw at us. Just finishing the Rebelle is a huge accomplishment, and we’re really proud of how we did and how we rose above adversity, and we feel great about coming back next year and finishing even stronger.”

Truck in the desert

Maxxis congratulates Jenna Fribley and Liza Beres on their performance and on empowering women in off-road racing by competing in the Rebelle Rally.

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