Mcgrath Wins Pro 2, Heger Wins Pro Lite at Glen Helen Round 11 (1)

The evenings may have been cool, but Maxxis’ drivers brought the heat at LOORRS’ Glen Helen races.

Maxxis’ title-sponsored driver Jeremy McGrath came close to clinching his Pro 2 championship with a win at Round 11 and third place at Round 12, while McGrath team member and fellow Maxxis driver Brock Heger took his fifth Pro Lite win of the season and locked in his Production 1000 title. Rounds 11 and 12 were held September 15-16 at Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino, California.

Maxxis’ Bradley Morris took a strong lead early in the Round 11 Pro 2 race. McGrath and fellow Maxxis driver Rodrigo Ampudia were among several drivers gunning for the front spot throughout the ensuing 11 laps as Morris held on. McGrath then took advantage of a mishap to pass Morris for the lead in Lap 12 and take his fourth victory of the year, with Morris close behind for second place. “It feels great to get this win, especially at a local race,” said McGrath. “We have so many friends, family and sponsors here; I am glad to keep the podium streak alive. I’m having so much fun racing, and my team has been awesome.”

Morris also took another podium Friday night when he earned third place in Pro 4, while Adrian Cenni turned in a fine performance for a fifth-place finish. Heger’s Production 1000 win, along with a fourth-place finish at Round 12, clinched his title for the class.

At Round 12’s Pro 4 race the following night, Morris and Maxxis’ Doug Mittag were in the top five at various points early on. But the podium spot belonged to Adrian Cenni, who earned third place.

McGrath, Morris and Ampudia battled throughout the Pro 2 race, with McGrath’s podium ultimately bringing him a hair’s breadth from the class championship.

The early Pro Lite lead belonged to Ryan Beat, with Heger close behind and Mickey Thomas moving closer as the race continued. Beat’s momentum was unfortunately stalled by a mishap which took him out of the race, while Heger made steady progress during the ensuing laps. Two daring moves later gained the lead for Heger, who increased his margin as the race moved into the final laps. Heger holds second place overall in points for the class, with one race left in the season.

Maxxis congratulates Jeremy McGrath and Brock Heger and thanks all of its drivers for their outstanding performances.