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NASA National Championships: Maxxis Athletes Sweep Spec E30

NASA National Championships:
Maxxis Athletes Sweep Spec E30

TT5 Top Three and Take Top Two in Super Touring 5, Second in TT6

Enhancing its already winning reputation, Maxxis’ Victra RC-1 outperformed rival companies’ tires, aiding two podium sweeps and an additional victory plus two second-place spots at the 2023 NASA National Championships. Maxxis athletes turned in excellent performances at the races, held September 10 at Pittsburgh International Race Complex.

SE30 Podium

Robert Grace, Jack Cobetto and Jason Griscavage took the top three in Spec E30; Ricardo Soares, Samed Rizvi and David Graver swept the TT5 podium. Nicholas Barbato, and in a second podium appearance, Rizvi, were the top two in Super Touring 5, while Team Mick Blue Racing took second place in TT6.

TT5 Podium winners

The Spec E30 National Championship podium was familiar territory for Grace, who had twice before won the class at the championships. “I got a good gap at the start and was trying to just kind of manage at that point. But Jack [Cobetto] was closing in there, so maybe a little too close for comfort at the end,” said Grace.

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Soares was favored to win going into the TT5 race, according to NASA. “Two Mid-Atlantic drivers, Nicholas Dugdale and Ricardo Soares, are looking like the favorites this year, but we’ll give the advantage to Soares. Yes, Dugdale has the TT5 points lead in the Mid-Atlantic, but during the matchups between the two, Soares has come out on top,” read a prediction on the National Auto Sport Association’s Instagram account.


Barbato credited his win to lots of hard work leading up to the championships: “All those hours busting my butt in the garage for months to make it perfect, it all paid off. I’m so happy, man.”


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