New Maxxis Patterns and Sizes Debut in Malaysia

At its recent dealer meeting, Maxxis’ Malaysia motorcycle tire distributor, Daytonasport Sdn. Bhd., introduced new patterns and sizes for the company’s line of motorcycle tires in the country. A crowd of more than 700 attended the meeting, held March 21 at the KSL Resort in Johor. 

The event highlighted the debut of two new patterns of Maxxis’ 17-inch MA-ST2 and MA-F1 sport touring tires as well as new sizes for the company’s M6233 and M6234 street tires.  Also introduced at the meeting was the Maxpro tire mounting and balancing machine. Installed for Maxxis’ Malaysian dealers with help from Daytonasport, this state-of-the-art equipment will allow dealers to offer the latest and best in mounting and balancing service. 

Maxxis President Dr. Wally Chen, along with several Maxxis executives, attended the meeting at the invitation of Mr. Tan Kiat, president of Daytonasport. Activities were designed to highlight Maxxis’ corporate culture, which emphasizes quality, service, trust, respect, care and appreciation. One highlight of the event came when three masters of calligraphy, invited by Mr. Tan, created a poem featuring the word “Maxxis” in Chinese calligraphy. The resulting artwork was presented as a gift to Dr. Chen. 

Maxxis is proud to offer new choices to its customers in Malaysia, and thanks Daytonasport for a successful and enjoyable meeting.