Seventh Win for Fowler at GNCC Round 8

Seventh Win for Fowler at GNCC Round 8

After an early-race lead by Chris Borich, Walker Fowler took the front spot and held it all the way to the finish line at GNCC Round 8, the AMSOIL Snowshoe. The race was held June 24 in Snowshoe, West Virginia.

Borich’s holeshot and subsequent lead lasted through the well-known Howard’s Hole, when Fowler grabbed the advantage. Borich and Maxxis’ Brycen Neal held second and third for much of the second lap. Bad luck in the last lap sidelined Neal for a time, but a quick recovery allowed him to take fourth place, with Borich landing on the podium in third. Fowler, Borich, Neal and their fellow riders ultimately overcame a super-slick, muddy course, the result of several days of rain preceding the race.

With five rounds left in the season, Fowler is first in the series’ standings by a margin of 76 points, while Borich and Neal are third and fourth overall. To date, Fowler has won all but one race, in which he placed second.

Kevin Cunningham continued to dominate the 4×4 Pro class by fighting through a challenging race, in which he flipped his quad, to take second overall. With six wins to his credit this year, Cunningham’s strong finish leaves him with a 48-point advantage over the rest of the field in the season’s standings.

Maxxis’ Traci Pickens also turned in a solid performance at Snowshoe, taking second place in WXC. Pickens has finished on the podium in every race so far this season, earning two victories, and is currently second in points for the class.

GNCC Round 9, the Wiseco John Penton, is scheduled for July 8-9 in Millfield, Ohio. Maxxis congratulates Walker Fowler on his victory and thanks all of its riders for their fine performances.