• Wet
    • XC (Cross Country)

    The Maxxis Severe (2023) is designed for XC racing in wet, muddy conditions. To prevent mud collection, the tread pattern uses small, spiky knobs spaced widely apart.

    • Rubber:
      • MaxxSpeed (2023) (best for XC race use)
    • Casing:
      • 120 TPI + EXO (best for XC race use)
    • Tubeless Ready (TR)
    • Bicycle technology explainer

    Category: XC race

    Recommended use: Wet and muddy XC race courses

    Recommended installation: Front and rear

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    Available Technologies

    Available Technologies


    An extremely cut-resistant and abrasion-resistant material added to the sidewalls of select mountain tires. This densely woven fabric is also lightweight and highly flexible, ensuring that the performance of the tire remains unaffected. Choose EXO Protection for exceptionally rocky, treacherous trails where the chance of sidewall cuts and abrasions is high.


    Tubeless Ready