Maxxis T Razr tire is winner of A 'Design Award 2020

Our State-of-the-art concept “T Razr” wins the A 'Design Award 2020 by bringing the genius design, inspiration and innovative formulation for a safer, more economical tire solution to the global tire market.

The future of the auto industry is clear; electric vehicles, intelligent safety systems and a focus on saving and redistributing energy created while driving. The Maxxis T Razr tire and rim combination has been awarded the A ‘Design Award 2020 for its futuristic design and the place it occupies in the evolving landscape of the automotive industry.

The T Razr is designed to actively detect different riding conditions and adjust its contact patch accordingly, improving traction, grip, comfort and ultimately safety. Thanks to electromagnetic technology, the tire adapts its aspect ratio according to the acceleration, cornering and braking of the vehicle. Fans on the rim also open to cool the brake discs and adjust the wheel’s drag to deliver the intuitive performance tomorrow’s vehicles need.

These tires are programmable in sport and comfort mode, with sport mode providing repulsion between the electromagnetic zones of the tread pattern to increase the contact patch, integrating the sidewall of the tire into the tread pattern for extra grip and control. Comfort mode moves the electromagnetic zones of the tread design to bring the tire into a traditional shape, with contact between the tread zones creating friction that is converted into electricity to charge the electromagnets, ready for use in sport mode.

The T Razr was developed as a result of the G-sensor technology developed by us. The G-sensor detects the vehicle’s movement and communicates with the electromagnetic system to intelligently monitor the tyre’s behavior. For example, when the G-sensor detects forward movement in the tire, it adjusts the shape of the tire to improve traction. In addition, when the vehicle turns right, the G-sensor will detect the centrifugal force to the left and adjust only one side of the tire to provide the best traction for the corner of the turn.

This tire is designed to be lightweight. Our global R&D departments are now heavily involved in research for production at an affordable scale to realize this concept for operators around the world.