High Road

    High Road

    • Tarmac

    This road racing bicycle tyre is designed for ultimate performance, grip, and produces an effortless glide over a range of tarmac surfaces.

    • Designed for maximum speed with minimal effort
    • Very reliable in the wet thanks to HYPR compound
    • Composite puncture protection
    • Lightweight 120TPI casing
    • Perfect for semi-serious to professional riders

    Ask your local cycle shop for the Maxxis High Road.

    Recommended use: Race

    Recommended installation: Front and Rear


    Tyre Size
    Carbon Fiber

    High Road Tyre Test Results

    If you're looking for performance road racing cycle tyres and you're not sure which tyres to choose, you can always look to tyre tests for the answer.

    Cycling Weekly: Fastest Road Bike Tyres for Summer Riding

    Cycling Weekly conducted a review of the tyre market in January 2020, awarding the Maxxis High Road 3rd place after the Vittoria Corsa G2.0 TLR and the Schwalbe Pro One, with all three top tyres scoring a solid 9/10 and the High Road being the lightest tyre of them all at a mere 210g.

    “A tyre tested by what was then Canyon Eisberg, over the course of the 2018 season, this is a fast road racing tyre which is supple and lightweight. Not the cheapest, but a capable tyre which we found to be confidence-inspiring.”  – James Bracey, Cycling Weekly, January 2020

    In an article published a month prior, Cycling Weekly reviewed the tyres in more detail:

    Cycling Weekly

    “…out on the road they feel supple and grippy; the two biggest asks of any tyre. In the crosswinds of storm Hannah I didn’t once feel like the bike might slip out from under me despite some fairly aggressive and impromptu lean angles. Plus, while they could never be expected to turn the pockmarked roads of Surrey into a magic carpet ride they did feel a little more pliable than the Michelin Pro 4s I’d been riding for months before.

    Now these Maxxis High Road tyres are really a race-day tyre but as I had only a few short weeks to test them I decided to abuse them on some of the most gravelly torn-up back lanes I could find. And they coped incredibly well. I didn’t have a single puncture, even on rides where my club mates succumbed to several, and the surface of the tyre had no major cuts after the first 300km of abuse.

    If you’re in the market for a top-end tyre and don’t mind paying a top-end price of around £90 a set of Maxxis High Roads (roughly in line with the likes of a Conti GP5000) then these are definitely worth considering. I’d say they’re even worth a switch from your usual race tyre of choice; I can assure you, you certainly won’t be getting a dud.” – Vern Pitt, Cycling Weekly, December 2019


    …these tyres are unstickable in both the wet and dry. Grip in the dry is decent, taking technical descents flat out or even less extreme bends in town, giving plenty of confidence from the tacky surface of the tyre.

    It’s when it’s raining and cold that these tyres really impress, though. The grip levels feel much the same as they do in the dry and really inspire confidence so that you don’t need to scrub off too much speed as you go into roundabouts or take on tight corners.”  – Stu Kerton, Road.cc, March 2019




    Our EXO+ construction combines two of our best puncture protection materials: SilkShield and EXO. The SilkShield layer runs from bead-to-bead with a layer of EXO along the sidewalls. Combined, these two materials create EXO+ which improves tread puncture protection by 27%; sidewall durability by 51%; and resistance to pinch flats by 28%.