Best Motocross Tracks in Europe

The MXGP holds races across the whole world using some of the best motocross tracks in Europe. Here we have compiled a list of some of the best across Europe that you need to put on your list of tracks to visit.

Royal Hills Experience – South France
Comprising of 50 hectares in the South of France and located 80 km from Toulouse, near Albi; on the shores of the lake, Royal Hills Experience is a completely unique off-road track, and one of the best.

Set in the stunning mid-Pyrenees, the facility offers guests a mix of motocross, supercross, endurocross, enduro, freeride, FMX and MTB. There are two main motocross tracks which are both progression-focussed, fun tracks with a mix of easy and challenging sections with some big, safe jumps to master at your own pace.

If you’re looking for a weekend of riding with a group of friends but with a luxury twist, RHE is the place to go. You can also book the whole venue to have complete exclusivity! There are chalets, a pool, BBQs, a bar, a bike wash and private garages all on-site, giving you the ultimate MX break.

royal hills experience

Dirt Park – Hungary
With a reputation of one of Europe’s best moto destinations, Dirt Park offers a mix of incredible scenery with world-class motocross tracks.

Consisting of a main track that features long sweeping corners, natural elevation changes, huge jumps and some insanely fast sections that are all ready to test the best, and a second, slightly less demanding motocross track designed for the improving rider.

The huge facility offers guests the chance to ride a bunch of different disciplines including motocross, supercross, enduro and endurocross. With this range of riding combined with the epic backdrop, this is a track you don’t want to miss out on.

Dirt Park Hungary

Matterley Basin – UK
It goes without saying that Matterley Basin is one of the best motocross tracks in Europe, with 95% visibility of the whole track. Located in the South of England and sitting in a huge dip, it gets its name from looking like a basin and is home to several race weekends including the UK rounds of MXGP.

Offering a challenging course with plenty of turns, dips and hills, Matterley will put any rider through their paces. If you ever get to visit or even ride here, you’ll know why it’s so popular!

Matterley Basin

Eurocircuit Valkenswaard – The Netherlands
Located just outside the small town of Valkenswaard, Valkenswaard MX is a Motocross Track in the Netherlands that holds a round of the MX1 and MX2 World Motocross Championship. The first Motocross GP took place at the track in 1974, which was won by Sylvain Geboers. Since then, they have held numerous GPs on the ever-popular track.

Most of the jumps and hills on the track are man-made, with very few natural hills at the venue, and with a track length of 1,630m and a sandy terrain, Eurocircuit Valkenswaard will offer up challenges for even the most experienced rider.

Whether you get chance to ride here, or just spectate, this is a track you need to put on the “to visit” list.

Eurocircuit Valkenswaard - The Netherlands

Stedelijk Motorcrossterrein Lommel – Belgium
Known as one of the toughest circuits in the World, and a place that breaks even the greatest of riders, the dark sand track in Lommel has a lot to offer.

At a longer track length of 1,880 metres with plenty of technical areas to test riders, you’ll never be short of entertainment when spectating races here.

Next to the circuit is also drinks and eateries, and since 2018 there is a food court with covered seating where you can enjoy your food whilst listening to the beats of a DJ.

Stedelijk Motorcrossterrein Lommel

Crossdromo Internacional de Águeda – Portugal
Located in central Portugal, Crossódromo Internacional Águeda is considered one of the best motocross tracks in the world. It is characterized by being an incredibly technical track with a strong type of soil. Its strange layout means it is the ideal place to host races and give a great show for both riders and spectators.

With its unusual red track spanning 1,500m, this track offers a challenge for every level of motocross rider and offers the perfect combination of MX with a sunny retreat for all.

Crossdromo Internacional de Águeda – Portugal

Crossodrome Ciclamino – Italy
Located in the beautiful hills of Pietramurata, the route guidance and the special underground are characteristics of this unique motocross track. It is one of the technical tracks most appreciated by both experienced and less experienced riders who can have a lot of fun there.

The totally renovated and extended hard-pack track is 1,550m long and confirms its reputation as a top motocross location worldwide.

Crossodrome Ciclamino – Italy

Afyon Motor Sports Center – Turkey
Located in West Turkey, not far from the town of Afyonkarahisar, Afyon Motor Sports Center MX track is built on 250 thousand square meters at a length of 750m and plays host to a range of championships including the MXGP.

The challenging course offers a variety of technical areas including: 9 ramps, 9 single speed brakers and 2 double speed brakers, perfect to test any riders’ ability.

Afyon Motor Sports Center – Turkey

Patagonia Race Track – Argentina
Located in an enclave of lakes in Patagonia, this Argentine MX track is a world class circuit used for various championships.

Comprising of 14 fast curves along 1,600m of racetrack and combined with artificial elements that create great jumps, plateaus and dubbies in the flatter areas. There’s also up to 95% visibility at the elevated areas providing the perfect race viewing.

Surrounded by stunning views of lakes, whichever route you take to get to Patagonia, you’ll be amazed by the scenery.

Patagonia Race Track – Argentina

Sevlievo – Bulgaria
An award-winning track located just outside a small village in the countryside, Sevlievo is known as one of the best motocross facilities in the world. With its hot, hard-pack and dusty terrain combined with plenty of steep inclines, curves and ramps, this beautiful circuit is one you won’t forget in a hurry.

It’s been home to various MXGP championships and it’s not hard to see why. When an MXGP takes place here, be sure to book your tickets.

Sevlievo – Bulgaria