Laengenfelder MXGP of Russia 2021 Maxxis

MXGP 2021

Take a look at the results of the Maxxis riders in the 2021 season of MXGP, MX2, European 125 and 250cc Motocross Championships.

MXGP of Latvia, 7 - 8 August 2021

For the sandy surface of Kegums, all the Maxxis riders relied on the traction qualities of the Maxxcross MX-ST+ on front and MX-SM on rear, which contributed to Rick Elzinga’s 3rd place overall in the EMX250.

Riding the KTM TBS Conversion Racing, the Dutchman hit the podium for the third consecutive time thanks to two gritty performances which consolidated his 3rd position in the championship standings. In the first heat Elzinga crossed the line 2nd after a thrilling series of overtaking, and in the second one recovered from 10th to 3rd position.

Great race for the Venetian Davide De Bortoli in the EMX Open. The rider, who competed with Maxxcross MX-ST+ on front and MX-SM on rear, suffered a bad crash in training but still managed to achieve 3rd place overall which placed him in the Championship lead, which will end at the beginning of September with the double stage of Turkey.

In the MXGP, the Italian rider of the KTM Marchetti, Alessandro Lupino, returned to the top ten thanks to two brilliant performances with a consistent pace which saw him finish 8th and then 9th, thus securing him 8th place overall and 9th in the World Championship.

Jeremy Van Horebeek, after a stunted start, finished in 18th position and due to a crash caused by technical problems in the middle of the second heat, was forced to retire from Race 2 due to damages on his Beta.

In the MX2, Simon Laengenfelder, with the official GASGAS of DIGA team equipped with Maxxis tyres, once again placed in the top ten of the category with a 10th place that allowed him to gain a position in the championship standings. The German rider was two places ahead of his teammate Isak Gifting who, after a difficult first heat ended in 14th place, redeemed himself in the following one crossing the finish line 10th.


MXGP of Flanders-Belgium, 31 July - 1 August 2021

Even in the extremely sandy conditions of the Lommel track, Maxxis tyres guaranteed excellent performance thanks to the combination of Maxxcross MX-ST+ on the front and MX-SM on the rear, which accompanied Rick Elzinga to the 2nd step of the EMX250 podium.

After the fantastic performance of the previous stage, the KTM TBS Conversion Racing rider made an encore in Belgium: in the first heat the Dutch finished 3rd thanks to a gritty recovery from the middle of the group and in the second heat
took the lead immediately after a couple of laps, keeping this first position until the finish line. His 2nd place overall thus allowed him to climb the championship standings by two positions, taking him to 3rd place, 40 points behind the leader.

Liam Everts also stood out in the same category, having been protagonist first of the best time practice of his group and then of an exceptional first heat in which he used all his capabilities to remedy a fall that had brought him from 8th
to 24 th place: lap after lap the talented Flemish son of a legend overcame the riders in front, managing to cross the finish line 5th . In the second heat he was able to close 4th after a series of equally thrilling overtakes. His 5th place overall
allowed him to keep the 4th place in championship standings.

The Maxxcross tyres, meanwhile, had a good response in MX2 with Simon Laengenfelder who, riding the GASGAS of the DIGA team, concluded two solid performances thanks to which he finished in 9 th place, his second best result of the season.

This weekend Maxxis tyres were also protagonists of the Junior 125 World Championship, held in a single test on the Greek circuit of Megalopolis. Their young rider Valerio Lata, on the KTM of the Marchetti Racing team, conquered the 2nd place contributing to the victory of the Italian team in the sum of the results that also counted the positions of the 65 and 85 classes.


MXGP of Czech Republic, 24 - 25 July 2021

For the fifth stage of this racing season, the Motocross World Championship moved from the sand of the Dutch circuit of Oss to the hard and slippery surface
of Loket , in the Czech Republic, which saw Maxxis tyres finish in the top ten positions of the “main class”.

The MXGP recorded another exciting performance by Alessandro Lupino, who, like all Maxxis riders, chose the MaxxCross MX ST+ tyres on front and rear,
particularly suited to the unpredictable terrain of the Loket track.

In the two heats disputed, the Maxxis riders ensured excellent starts, giving prestige to the traction qualities of their tyres. The rider of the KTM Marchetti team exchanged the 8th and 9th place with Jeremy Van Horebeek finishing 7th overall before the Flemish, who celebrated his best result in 2021. Lupino thus consolidated his 9th place in the provisional championship standings, which sees him two positions ahead of the Belgian of the official Beta.

In the MX2 the Maxxis tyres are adopted by the Diga GASGAS team, which, despite some crashes, placed the Swede Isak Gifting in 13th position ahead of
his teammate Simon Laengenfelder The German rider, thanks to his series of regular placings, is now a breath away from the top ten of the world ranking, while Gifting, due to the emptiness of this first part of the championship, remains in 16th place waiting to climb the world ranking.

The MaxxCross tyres also had a good response with Ben Putnam’s 5th place in the EMX2T, a position he also maintains in the championship.


MXGP of The Netherlands, 17 - 18 July 2021

The feared sand of the Dutch circuit of Oss confirmed the performance value of the Maxxis tyres, which achieved victory in the EMX250 class with Rick Elzinga and 3rd place with Liam Everts.

Rick Elzinga, on the advice of the Maxxis’ Racing Service, took to the start of the second round of the championship by mounting MaxxCross MX-ST+ on the front and MaxxCross MX-SM on the rear on his KTM of the TBS Conversion team. This combination perfectly responded to the soft racing terrain, so that the Dutch rider exceeded expectations with two gritty heats by winning the top step of the podium.

In the first heat Elzinga leaded for most of the race fighting against the EMX250 leader Nicholas Lapucci, but, with two laps to go, he was overtaken by the Italian rider of the Fantic team. In the second heat the Dutchman instead made a good comeback from 7th place that rewarded him with the victory, thus making him conquer the first place of the GP.

The triumph of the Maxxis MaxxCross tyres was completed by the 3rd place overall of Liam Everts, 5th in the opening heat despite a mistake in the middle of the race that caused him to lose some positions and 2nd in the closing heat where he lead the group up to two laps from the finish line when he then had to give in to Elzinga’s pressure.

The success of the Belgian rider in this GP earnt him 4th place in the championship standings, one point ahead of Elzinga.

The MX2 recorded the redemption of Isak Gifting, who finally managed to hit a 6th position, which is also his best result of the season and which underlines his real potential. The Swedish rider on the GAS GAS of the DIGA Procross team first distinguished himself by finishing 7th and then completed the race with an 8th place in the second heat.

The Maxxis MaxxCross instead dominated the round of the Italian Motocross Junior 125 Championship with Valerio Lata, who won both the heats becoming the new leader of the classification.

MXGP of Italy Lupino Maxxis

Monster Energy MXGP of Italy, 3 - 4 July 2021

Maxxis Tyres’ best success of the Monster Energy MXGP of Italy was heavily focussed in the European 125cc Motocross Championship, thanks to two P2 finishes for Valerio Lata #3 placing him second in the European championship, and a P4 standing position for Andrea Rossi and P6 for Andrea Viano.

After his win despite his heroic crash at Matterley Basin the previous weekend’s MXGP of Great Britain, Ferruccio Zanchi unfortunately couldn’t make it to the Italian GP.

Every Maxxis rider at the Maggiora circuit on 3-4 July opted for the MaxxCross MX-ST+ tyres, which proved to be fast and grippy, even on the hard-packed Italian circuit.

In the MXGP the MaxxCross tyres conquered the top ten thanks to the Belgian Jeremy Van Horebeek. Meanwhile, Alessandro Lupino managed a top-10 finish which enables him to remain in the top-10 championship standings.

The MaxxCross tyres reaffirmed their excellent potential also in MX2, where the German Simon Laengenfelder narrowly missed a place in the top ten closing the day with a 12th place, thanks to which he occupies the 8th position in the championship.

MXGP of Great Britain Simon Laengenfelder Maxxis

MXGP of Great Britain, 26 - 27 June

The opening round of the 125 European Championship, where Maxxis tyres really began showing their strengths over the last couple of years, commenced at the MXGP of Great Britain. In usual form, one of the many riders on MaxxCross MX-ST+ tyres, Ferruccio Zanchi took a P2 championship position by the end of the weekend, despite an injury mid-race. Valerio Lata in the same championship, meanwhile, also finished both heats in the top-10.

Meanwhile, Alessandro Lupino of Marchetti KTM placed himself in the top-10 in both races, keeping himself securely in the top-1o MXGP championship standings. In the same races, Jeremy Van Horebeek on his factory Beta machine, achieved another top-10 finish, too.

GASGAS MX2 rider, Simon Laengenfelder completed the series of impressive results for Maxxis by finishing 6th and 5th respectively in each MX2 race of the day.

After a crash in Race 1, Liam Everts suffered a confidence loss and is looking forward to being at the pointy end of the pack at the MXGP of The Netherlands in mid-July.

MXGP of Russia Alessandro Lupino 4th MXGP on Maxxis Tyres

MXGP of Russia, 12 - 13 June

Maxxis achieved its best ever result in the highest class of motocross competition, the MXGP, with Alessandro Lupino of Marchetti KTM at the MXGP of Russia 2021.

The experienced motocross rider demonstrated incredible speed and control, maximising the traction of his MaxxCross MX-ST+ tyres to finish the Russian GP in 4th place in the championship standings, behind three factory-supported World Champions.

I am so pleased with the overall result and impressed with the Maxxis tyres’ ability to find traction on such a difficult track; this gave me the confidence to push harder and climb to the 4th place in the championship, a result I am incredibly happy with!” – Alessandro Lupino, Marchetti KTM rider

Meanwhile, in the same class, Jeremy Van Horebeek of the factory Beta team achieved two P11 finishes to end the Russian GP in 9th place. In MX2, Simon Laengenfelder  of the Diga Procross GASGAS MX2 team also closed the weekend in the top-10.

“The one obtained in the top category of the World cross was our best result ever,” advises Roberto Antonellini, Maxxis Race Service Manager, “this confirms progressions we are contnually making. It was immensely satisfying to arrive one step away from the MXGP podium with a rider of a private team, right next to three of the major factory manufacturers.”