EnduroGP 2021 Race Report
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    EnduroGP 2021

    Follow the wins and successes of Maxxis riders on the brand-new MaxxEnduro tyre in the EnduroGP 2021 Championship.
    Maxxis and EnduroGP 2021

    Maxxis’ performance in the 2021 EnduroGP 2021 is truly impressive. With multiple GP wins, class wins and a whole lotta podiums, we’re loving the 2021 enduro season.

    EnduroGP (the FIM Enduro World Championship) is particularly exciting as the three key classes, E1, E2 and E3 have varied bike power restrictions. This year, not for the first time, Maxxis riders continue to punch above their weight and achieve incredible overall GP results despite riding lesser-powered bikes than other competitors.

    E1: Up to 250cc bikes, both 2-stroke and 4-stroke.
    E2: 250cc+ 2-stroke to 450cc 4-stroke.
    E3: 250cc+ 2-stroke and 450cc+ 4-stroke.

    Similarly, the Junior (FIM Junior Enduro World Championship) has two classes as follows:

    J1: Up to 250cc, both 2-stroke and 4-stroke.
    J2: Over 255cc, both 2-stroke and 4-stroke.

    Huge respect to the riders of TM Boano Factory Team for their performance in the 2021 season.


    Airmousse GP of Sweden 22 - 24 July: Skövde

    EnduroGP Results
    After a stellar start in Stage 1 with a win in both E2 and the overall EnduroGP, Wil Ruprecht finished Stage 2 in 2nd place of the E2 class and 5th in the EnduroGP ranking.

    Junior Results
    The new star of the Junior GP, Lorenzo Macoritto, dominated the competition by achieving four first place positions across the two Stages, a particularly impressive result considering his lower-power class. His teammate therefore fell slightly behind, Matteo Pavoni finishing the overall Junior rounds in second place in both Stages but still clinching the first place win in both Stages for the J2 class.

    Two 1st place wins in Stage 1 for Wil Ruprecht in both E2 and EnduroGP, followed by a 2nd place in Stage 2 of the E2 and 5th place in the overall Stage 2 GP results. Teammate Thomas Marini remained in the Top 10 with a 6th and 7th place finish respectively in each stage.
    Lorenzo Macoritto shone with 1st place finishes in Stage 1 and 2 of the Junior overall and the J1 class, while his teammate settled for second place overall but still achieved 1st place in the J2 class. Teammate Hermanni Haljala remained in the top 10 with 7th and 6th place respectively in the J1 class.

    GP of Sweden Images

    #57 Wil Ruprecht Red Plate Garage

    GP of Estonia 16 - 18 July: Saaremaa

    EnduroGP Results
    The track of Saaremaa did not agree with Wil Ruprecht in quite the same way as the two previous rounds of the EnduroGP. The E2 class rider still achieved two podiums in the E2 category with a 2nd place finish in each Stage, but the times were not quite good enough to place him on the EnduroGP overall podium, where he instead achieved 5th place, still an impressive result for an E2 rider.

    Junior Results
    A quadruple podium in the meantime for Matteo Pavoni with Stage 1 returning 1st place in both the J2 class and the overall Junior, and in Stage 2 another J2 1st place but his teammate and fellow Maxxis rider Lorenzo Macoritto instead succeeded in taking the first place position in not only the J1 class but also the overall Junior category.

    Wil Ruprecht achieved two second-place finishes in the E2 class, and 5th in both stages in the EnduroGP overall classification, while his teammate Matteo Cavallo achieved two Top-10 finishes in the E1 class with a 6th and 7th place finish respectively in Stages 1 and 2.
    Matteo Pavoni and Lorenzo Macoritto battled heavily for the Junior win, with each rider winning their own classes at each Stage, but Pavoni achieving the overall Junior win in Stage 1 and Macoritto pipping him to the post with an overall win for himself in Stage 2. Hermanni Haljala maintained Top-10 finishes in the J1 class with two 9th place finishes.

    GP of Estonia Images

    Wil Ruprecht EnduroGP Maxxis

    Acerbis GP of Italy 25 - 27 June: Edolo

    EnduroGP Results
    Star of the show yet again, Wil Ruprechet finished both Stages of the E2 in Italy in first place, placing him in second place of the overall EnduroGP on both stages. Teammate in the E3 class, Thomas Marini, showed improvements over the race event achieving two Top-10 finishes in both Stages of the E3 category, finishing P10 and P6 respectively.

    Junior Results
    Matteo Pavoni impressed again, building on his podiums of the previous week, achieving a back-to-back win in both Stages of the overall Junior category and subsequently the J2 category. His teammate and close rival Lorenzo Macoritto achieved 1st place of the J1 class in Stage 1, achieving third place in the overall Junior category, and improving on these results in Stage 2 with a second P1 finish in the J1 class, and a step up on the overall Junior podium to 2nd place.

    Wil Ruprecht achieved four podiums at the GP of Italy, finishing Stage 1 and Stage 2 first of all E2 competitors, placing him second in the both overall EnduroGP results. His E3-class teammate Thomas Marini achieved two top-10 finishes in the E3.
    Matteo Pavoni achieved the best results possible of the Junior category, achieving four first-place positions; two in J2 and two in the overall Junior. Meanwhile, four podiums again for Lorenzo Macoritto with two P1 finishes in his category and a second and third podium step in the overall Junior. Teammate Hermanni Haljala showed improvements over the weekend in the J1 class, finishing Stage 1 in 9th place and Stage 2 in 7th.

    GP of Italy Images

    Wil Ruprecht Podium 1st

    GP of Portugal 18 - 20 June: Marco de Canaveses

    EnduroGP Results
    Wil Ruprecht of the E2 class finished the first EnduroGP round (Stage 1) in an impressive 4th place behind one E1 rider and two other E2 riders. After treating Stage 1 as his warm-up, however, he powered through the field demonstrating his incredible technical grip and expertise to finish Stage 2 in first place, a whopping 26.07 seconds ahead of the nearest E2 rider, and 8.48 seconds ahead of the E1 rider who finished Stage 2 in P2.

    Junior Results
    Matteo Pavoni of the J2 class impressed in the Junior round at Portugal by achieving a P2 finish in Stage 1 and a first-place finish in Stage 2, beaten only in Stage 1 by his teammate Lorenzo Macoritto of the lesser-powered J1 class.

    Wil Ruprecht achieved three podiums at the GP of Portugal, finishing Stage 1 3rd of all E2 competitors, Stage 2 1st of all E1, E2 and E3 competitors, also positioning him first in the Stage 2 overall EnduroGP results. His E3-class teammate Thomas Marini achieved a top-10 finish in Stage 2 of the E3 in P10.
    In the Junior classes, Matteo Pavoni achieved the fastest time of the J2 class in Stage 1, ranking second in the overall Junior before smashing Stage 2 with the fastest overall time, while his teammate Lorenzo Macoritto won the Stage 1 J1 and Junior overall, and finished 4th in the Stage 2 overall Junior, an impressive P2 of the J1 class. Their teammate, Hermanni Haljala, achieved two top-10 finishes within the J1 category.

    GP of Portugal Images