Best tyres for hot hatches

When it comes to looking for high performance tyres for your hot hatchback, there are multiple things you need to be looking out for. We will be outlining what makes for a great hot hatch tyre and which tyres are best for the job.

Performance in the wet
When it comes to choosing tyres for your hot hatch, they need to be able to deal with the wet roads effortlessly, especially with the amount of rain the UK sees. Aquaplaning is caused by a layer of water on the road when your tyres are unable to grip the roads surface. The better your tyres perform in the wet, the less chance there is of aquaplaning or loss of grip in wet weather.

Tyres with excellent grip will ensure a shorter braking distance, providing an increase in confidence during fast road use, and ultimately a safer driving experience.

The Victra Sport 5 has undergone numerous tests to see how it performs in the wet. In 2018, TUV SUD tested the Victra Sport 5, which achieved first place in the wet handling test and first place in the wet braking test, even compared to the Michelin Pilot Sport 4.

Performance in the dry
Of course, it is incredibly important for your car to handle well in the wet, however, when you’re choosing tyres for your hot hatch, you’ll also want to knowhow well they handle in dry conditions as they are the most prevalent throughout the UK.

Not only did the VS5 perform well in wet conditions, it also received first place in the 2018 TUV SUD test for dry braking, offering the best of both worlds.

Ultra-high-performance tyres should not mean you have to compromise on longevity. Nobody likes having to buy new tyres often, but if you’re after tyres for your hot hatch that can go the distance, you need to consider their wear rate too.

In the ADAC 2020 tyre test, the VS5 was dubbed a “very balanced tyre” with a “top grade in wear”, offering an all-round fantastic performance.

Noise and comfort
If you notice the noise of your tyres, you’ll need to consider their noise and comfort rating when choosing tyres for your hot hatch.

The VS5 has been dubbed “excellent” in wear and comfort/noise, earning a joint 2nd place final grade in the ADAC 2020 tyre test.

Unless you have bottomless pockets, chances are you like to get the most from your hard-earned cash. That’s why the price, is such a large contributing factor when searching for new tyres for your hot hatch. You will be pleased to know that the Victra Sport 5 in the UK is available for as little as 60% of the price of the rival premium tyres out there.

Victra Sport 5
The Victra Sport 5, or VS5 for short, is the latest ultra-high-performance sport tyre from Maxxis offering a fantastic all-round performance with an attractive price tag.

Designed for a wide range of vehicles from hot hatches to out-and-out sports vehicles, the Victra Sport 5 offers incredible wet and dry handling and braking performance, with low rolling resistance and a good wear rate.

In the 2019 Evo tyre test, the Victra Sport 5 “would have beaten the Pirelli to the top spot. Like the Pirelli, it has great feel and performs very well in the wet and the dry, and it also happens to be the least expensive tyre here. It was top in some tests and near the top in most, and scored well subjectively too.”Evo magazine, September 2019

Get the best of every aspect of driving with the Victra Sport 5.

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