Celebrating one year of the MaxxCross MX-ST

The Maxxis MaxxCross MX-ST was released just over a year ago in February 2019. We had high expectations for this tyre from the rigorous development and testing but were still amazed when, in reality, the tyre performed better than even our own expectations. With several championships and podium wins in the bag for the MX-ST, we look back on the first year of racing and what’s to come ahead of the 2020 racing season.

A bit about the tyre
Designed in conjunction with 7x Supercross champion, Jeremy McGrath, the MX-ST was always going to be a game-changing tyre, capable of excelling at even the highest levels of both motocross and supercross. The lightweight pliable carcass design improves ride comfort, impact absorption, and rider feel, whilst the uniquely spaced tread pattern is designed to optimise traction, stability and braking performance. What’s more, the MX-ST is an official tyre of the MXGP.

In the early stages
Kicking off its debut in the MXGP of Great Britain, the MX-ST was off to a solid start, winning both races of the weekend in the EMX250 with Alberto Forato and Team Maddii Racing Husqvarna. Following the success of his teammate Forato on the soil of Matterley Basin at the MXGP of Great Britain, Mattia Guadagnini won the red plate at the MXGP of The Netherlands in the EMX125 class, dominating every lap over the weekend. Team Maddii Racing then continued to dominate at the MXGP of Trentino, with Forato the winner of the EMX250 class whilst Guadagnini took the title in the EMX125.

Picking up speed
By the time summer came around, the MX-ST had proven its presence in the MXGP, having had several top 20 positions in the EMX and MX categories. However, it was Team Maddii Racing Husqvarna that was making the headlines as Forato and Guadagnini continued to top the podiums each week. Meanwhile, Iker Larranaga began climbing up the standings and qualifying for the MX2 with 11th place in the MXGP of Indonesia.

Great success
By mid-July, the MX-ST had a world championship under its belt, as Guadagnini became 125cc Junior World Champion! Meanwhile, Iker Larranaga continued to build confidence as he consistently finished in the top ten of the MX2. At the end of seven hard-fought races, the Swedish Grand Prix saw Mattia Guadagnini and Maxxis become European champions of the 125 class, with Forato picking up third place in the 250cc class. The MX-ST’s were ideal to offer these impressive riders the best traction and precision on the Scandinavian track.

What’s to come
The Maxxis European race truck followed the teams across the whole of Europe, to offer help and tyre advice to all racers. This meant Maxxis had first-hand experience with the MX-ST and how it performed on different terrains at different levels. These insights have given Maxxis the feedback that was needed to continue to develop the MX-ST even further and to help Maxxis riders exceed their previous results. This year will see some exciting developments for the MaxxCross MX-ST, which continues to be an official tyre of the MXGP once again for the 2020 race season.

Comprising of the MX-ST, the MX-SM and the MaxxEnduro, The MaxxCross Range from Maxxis is the complete motocross racing tyre collection, offering the best traction for every terrain. The championship-winning MaxxCross range of tyres will once again perform across all stages of the MXGP in 2020 and we can’t wait to see the results.