Autosport International Proves Pivotal for Maxxis

This year’s Autosport International proved to be yet another very exciting one for Maxxis International, with the launch of its latest generation of performance tyre, the VS01, and an unprecedented amount of visitors coming to the stand to meet this year’s Maxxis sponsored drivers and teams as well as six of the famous Maxxis Babes.

In addition to the launch of its latest tyre, the Maxxis stand at this year’s Autosport International showcased the cars, motorbikes and off-road vehicles it sponsors across a huge variety of motorsport formats. These included one of Team Japspeeds British Drift Championship cars, Team itsaDriftLife’s Championship car, Team Gigglepins custom 4×4 vehicle, Chris Walker’s Kawasaki motorcycle from the Chris Walker race school, a GBmoto superbike, a bike world motorcycle, Lee Dunham’s Kawasaki KX450 motocross bike, two KTM motocross bikes, Maxxis Kawasaki MX1 motocross bike, Kawasaki Team Green motocross bikes and a Polaris ATV bike.

As well as the pull of the Maxxis Babes and motorsport teams, the launch of the latest high performance tyre saw a great amount of interested people visit the stand at Autosport, as Maxxis managing director, Derek McMartin confirms: “This year’s show was another very successful one for us, not only have we seen a lot of advancements in our products throughout 2013, we have recently announced a couple of new and additional motorsport partnerships for 2014. Both of these drew an extraordinary number of visitors to our stand, to speak to us about our latest products, the technology that goes into them, and to meet the new teams we are sponsoring throughout 2014. We invest a lot in motorsport around the world, and Autosport International gives us the perfect platform to bring all of that together for one high octane show.”

“Fans love to get up close and personal with the cars, drivers, riders and the Babes. It was great to see a bigger presence of fans at this year’s show compared to last year, as it shows how much the brand is really growing in all sorts of areas.” 

2014 will no doubt be yet another exciting year for Maxxis, as we see it continue to emerge as a major player in the UK market. 

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