Maxxis Announce Supermaxx ST

Ascari Circuit – 2nd September 2015 Maxxis announce an all new motorcycle tyre for the highly competitive and demanding Sports Touring sector. Due to go on-sale through Maxxis’ extensive network of European motorcycle tyre retailers in Spring 2016, the Supermaxx ST redefines Maxxis’ high performance Radial offering and has been designed to meet the needs and demands of real road riders.

Maxxis Supermaxx ST delivers the very latest in radial construction technology, an all-new design which features Mono-Spiral steel belts for improved structural rigidity, resulting in outstanding cornering performance. Stiffer Sidewalls ensure that Supermaxx ST can handle increased loads over previous generations of Supermaxx, reducing sidewall cornering flex and delivering the secure feel Touring riders demand.

Outright grip is delivered through Maxxis industry leading Silica Plus Compound technology – Nano-Silica is blended with modified rubber compounds and ultra-fine particles of carbon Black – the resulting Sports Touring compound delivers outstanding grip in varied weather conditions and a consistent wear-rate on long distance tours.

Advanced 3-D Sipes further enhance grip in wet road conditions, and eliminate uneven tread wear, locking tread blocks together under load to maintain stiffness in the tread compound. The Supermaxx ST features an advanced V-groove tread pattern with an intensive groove design to expel standing water from the contact patch, maintaining consistent handling characteristics in varied road conditions – wet or dry.

Compared Maxxis’ long-standing Supermaxx, the Supermaxx ST’s larger contact area, stiffer carcass and improved tread compound deliver:

  • 21% increase in camber grip
  • 40% increase in footprint at 40 degrees of lean angle
  • 15% increase in wet grip
  • 20% increase in mileage performance

Maxxis Supermaxx ST has been developed for a wide range of middle-weight and heavy-weight Sports Touring applications, with ongoing testing feedback from British Superbike and World Superbike racing legend Chris “Stalker” Walker. Maxxis Supermaxx ST – It’s time to make the change to Maxxis

Size range: Front: 120/60 ZR17 (55W) – 120/70 ZR17 (58W) Rear: 160/60 ZR17 (69W) – 180/55 ZR17 (73W) – 190/50 ZR17 (73W)

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