Maxxis Extends High Performance Tyre Portfolio

Maxxis International has enhanced its high performance tyre portfolio with the launch of the Victra Sport VS01. Following unprecedented demands from people driving high performance vehicles, Maxxis has developed its latest addition in order to meet these requests and ensure that it remains at the forefront of the tyre industry.

Grip has been enhanced due to the vertical ribs embedded in the centre of the tread, which are designed to enhance strength and improve traction, whilst also delivering outstanding wet and dry handling in all weather conditions. Excellent high speed sport performance and driving stability provides drivers with extraordinary control and manoeuvrability. Strengthened shoulder blocks and streamlined transverse grooves ensure outstanding grip and precision when steering and are designed to reduce the deformation of the blocks during sharp turns, enhance wet handling and minimize the chances of hydroplaning.

The entire range of VS01 comes with the new summer asymmetric pattern, an attractive appearance, and rim protector design. High strength steel belts and high rigidity bead filler guarantee excellent sport performance with unequal pitch ranking and finite element analysis controls noise emissions effectively giving drivers a quieter ride.

The launch of the VS01 promises to be one of Maxxis’ most significant product launches in years, as Derek McMartin confirms: “Our research and development teams work around the clock to ensure that we continue to provide our customers with the very latest in technological innovation. Not only do we have our own test track dedicated to providing data that is used to develop our tyres, we have a team of professional engineers that test our tyres with national and world-class champions to ensure that they are confident we are producing the best product we can for our customers. Due to substantial advances in our manufacturing processes and the high demands from high performance vehicle drivers, the launch of the VS01 has seen Maxxis take a huge step forward in ensuring it maintains its reputation for having one of the widest ranges on the market.”

“We have made significant improvements in the technology that goes into our tyres in the last 10 years. The principles of Orange Engineering reinforce all that we do, and mean that our customers can be assured of nothing less than the best. This technology means that we are able to meet the increasing demands of the market and offer products of the highest quality at attractive price points.”

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