Maxxis Officials Meet Houston Rockets in Taiwan

A visit with Maxxis officials was on the agenda when the Houston Rockets basketball team played a pre-season game in Taipei, Taiwan. The October 13 game was the second of two the Rockets played against the Indiana Pacers in Asia.

The fun began two days earlier, when 50 Maxxis officials and VIP guests enjoyed a meet-and-greet at the Okura Prestige Taipei with the Rockets’ Jeremy Lin and Patrick Beverley. Each guest got the chance to meet and be photographed with the players. 

Eight Maxxis VIPs enjoyed a dinner and reception the next day, with attendees including Rockets players, coaches and team executives. Maxxis VIPs also cheered the Rockets on to a 107-98 victory at their game at the Taipei Arena the following day. 

The game ended a whirlwind trip to Asia for the Rockets. In addition to their Taipei activities, the team also faced off against the Pacers in Manila, Philippines on October 10. The Manila and Taipei games are the first played by the NBA in Southeast Asia, where basketball has become wildly popular over the past several years.

Basketball wasn’t the only big news of the weekend for Maxxis, as the company’s president, Dr. Wally Chen, launched his new book, The Maxxis Global Family. Dr. Chen presented an autographed copy of the book to Jeremy Lin, and autographed copies for each of the other guests as well. The book, which includes both Dr. Chen’s business philosophy and Maxxis history, is expected to be a popular seller. 

Maxxis thanks the Rockets for this chance to meet with so many members of its organisation, and looks forward to cheering them on to another successful season. 

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