Maxxis Return Strong 2014 Sales Despite a Difficult and Volatile Market

Maxxis has reported a healthy 2014 following the release of its financial results. The latest figures show that Maxxis has retained its position of 9th top tyre manufacturer in the world, with the Taiwan-based tyre manufacturer reporting sales volumes continuing to increase and revenues of $4,441 million.

In light of a continuingly difficult and volatile market, Maxxis’ managing director, Derek McMartin, believes that the company’s long term strategy of investing in the very latest cutting-edge technology to ensure that it provides customers with high quality affordable products will help pay dividends, as he explains: “Having invested heavily in expanding our manufacturing facilities in China and Taiwan last year the recent results are very satisfying for us all. We are committed to providing our dealers with good value, high quality products that they can make excellent margins on. By continuing to provide our customers with just this, I am certain we will continue accelerating our growth in all of the regions we serve around the world.”

Maxxis financial results include sales from all sides of its business, which includes divisions specialising in original equipment and replacement tyres for passenger cars, motorbikes, commercial vehicles, 4×4, light agricultural vehicles, trailer, motorsport and cycling.