The annual ADAC test results have been released following a 12-month tyre test, concluding that both the Maxxis Victra Sport 5 and the Premitra HP5 are both ‘highly recommended’ and have achieved second and third place respectively in their separate tests.

The tyre test was carried out by ADAC, German automobile club, plus other auto clubs and consumer protection organisations globally. The test, lasting 12 months, took wet and dry handling, braking, comfort and noise into account, with a fuel consumption assessment and a wear percentage awarded based on over 10,000km of use.

The Maxxis Victra Sport 5 was tested, featuring in the 225/40/ R18 92Y category, and was again one of just four tyres to receive the ‘highly recommended’ rating. The VS5 scored well across the board, with excellence in wear and comfort/noise, earning the Maxxis tyre a joint 2nd place final grade in this test.

“[The Maxxis Victra Sport 5 is a] very balanced tyre. Top grade in wear. Top marks for noise. Good on wet and dry roads.” – ADAC Summer Tyre Test 2020 (225/40 R18 92Y) [translated]

The Maxxis Premitra HP5 was also included in the 235/55 R17 103W test, and was one of only four tyres to be awarded the ‘highly recommended’ rating. The HP5 scored very well across the board, achieving a joint 3rd place in its final grade.

Maxxis HP5

“[The Maxxis Premitra HP5 is a] very balanced tyre. Good on dry and wet roads. Good fuel consumption. Good wear.” – ADAC Summer Tyre Test 2020 (235/55 R17 103W) [translated]

“The performance is very well balanced across both tyres in both tests. This was our goal as part of the R&D process and we are pleased to have the test results to reflect the all-round strength of our tyres.” – Rudy Versteg, Managing Director, Maxxis R&D Technical Centre Europe

The Maxxis Victra Sport 5 is available in a range of sizes from 17” – 19”, suitable for a range of VW, Alfa Romeo, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes and BMW vehicles, while the Premitra HP5 is also available in a wide range of sizes across 15” – 18”

The Victra Sport 5 and Premitra HP5 are available to buy from Stapletons Tyre Services (0870 60 54321) and a huge range of tyre fitters nationwide.

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