Following a 15-tyre test conducted by German automobile club ADAC, the new Maxxis Premitra Snow WP6 tyre has been ‘highly recommended’.

The 205/55 R16 tyres were tested in a variety of conditions including wet and dry handling, snow and ice traction, comfort, fuel consumption and noise.

The Maxxis Premitra Snow WP6 excelled in dry performance, achieving the best score in this area, and was one of the most comfortable tyres on the test. The tyre also demonstrated impressive levels of grip on ice.

Overall, the new winter tyre from Maxxis was rated only 8% less overall than the test winner, and finished proudly in the top five.

“Very balanced tyre. Good on both dry and wet roads. Good on snow and ice. Top marks for noise.” – ADAC Winter Tyre Test 2020 [translated]

The Premitra Snow WP6 is the latest winter tyre from Maxxis, designed for European winters and featuring the 3PMS marking for legal use in any country all year round.

Of the 5 tyres achieving ‘Highly Recommended’ status, the Maxxis tyre is the most affordable, costing almost 40% less than the average cost of its premium competitors.

Available in a huge range of sizes from 175/65 R14 to 245/45 R18, this tyre is ideal for anything from an Audi A1 to a Volvo V90 and many vehicles in between.