Premitra HP5 wins ACE tyre test 2020

The Maxxis Premitra HP5 has succeeded in a third tyre test in 2020 completed by German magazine, ACE.

In addition to two ‘highly recommended’ reviews by both ADAC and Auto Zeitung, the Maxxis Premitra HP5 has won the ACE summer tyre test of 2020.

The test, involving wet and dry braking, straight and curved aquaplaning, wet and dry handling and more, pushed a group of mid-range summer tyres to their limit and compared them against an anonymous premium control tyre.

Maxxis Premitra HP5

The Maxxis tyre convinced the testers after achieving the fastest wet aquaplaning speed, even when compared with the premium control tyre, as well as strong performance in the braking and handling tests too.

“Almost 80 km/h the Maxxis managed, so even two km/h better than our premium reference.” – ACE magazine [translated]

After receiving good marks for steering, behaviour and impressive performance in technical areas of the test track, ACE magazine concluded: “The Maxxis was the fastest tyre in the field and therefore deserves pole position.” [translated]

“We are incredibly proud of this test result here at Maxxis. A lot of work went into making this tyre the perfect summer tyre offering a balance of fuel efficiency, handling, reliability and cost-effectiveness, and we are very pleased to see these goals reflected in the results of the test.” – Rudy Versteeg, Managing Director, Maxxis R&D Technical Centre Europe

The Premitra HP5 is available in over 60 sizes for 15 – 18” wheels, making it an ideal tyre for many vehicles from Audi A1s to a range of BMWs, larger Audis, Jaguars and more.

Maxxis car tyres are available from Stapletons Tyre Services (0870 60 54321), and a wide range of tyre fitters nationwide.